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What are the advantages and disadvantages of whole body marble tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-04-30

   Ceramic tiles are one of the indispensable building materials for home decoration. There are many types of tiles in the building materials market. As we often hear about the whole body marble tiles, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the whole body marble tiles?

Advantages of    full-body marble tiles:   1. The full-body marble tiles are on the decking tile body. The color, texture and function of the whole body marble tile are infinitely close to the effect of natural stone rock formation, and the texture is more transparent. 2. The combination of full three-dimensional cloth and color mixing technology makes the whole body marble tile body to be the same as the surface glaze layer. The whole brick body can achieve perfect texture presentation effect from any angle and any cutting method, so as to be true. Whole body texture.  3. The whole body marble tile products are pressed by a high-tonnage press and fired at a high temperature. The finished bricks are more delicate in color and higher in performance and quality.  4, higher grade! The appearance and the inner blank of natural stone are consistent, and the whole body marble tiles vividly restore the natural precious stone, which is closer to the tiles.  5. The decking tile body is full of changing textures, and the product and space are full of soul. Not only the designer likes it, but the effect is realistic and natural, and it can meet the needs of consumers with advanced production and technology.  Disadvantages of full-body marble tiles:   Uneven levels of technology have resulted in immature full-body marble tiles, and there is still no uniform standard. In addition, manufacturers have to do the whole body, and various manufacturers are studying how to make the base color of the blank. Now only the brick embryo powder is added with pigment, and the color and pattern of the pigment and the fabric are not exactly the same, or even a little similar; and the outdoor wood deck tiles embryo after the groove or the edge cannot be matched with the decking tile. The surface has the same luster and the same texture, so it is still a concept product.  The advantages and disadvantages of the whole body marble tile are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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