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What are the advantages and disadvantages of mosaic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-28

   Mosaic is a small-sized decoration material. Although it is not used in large quantities, it is very decorative when used in homes or public places. Therefore, many families choose to use mosaics to decorate the floor or wall, but they must be rational before buying products to make sure that this product is really what they need. Next, the editor will introduce what are the advantages and disadvantages of mosaic tiles?

  The advantages of mosaic tiles  1. Mosaic itself is a very good decoration, which can be used in shower rooms, living rooms, and other spaces to make the shape more abundant.  2. Mosaic is good at change, strong personalization, small size and variable specifications, you can match it as you want.  3. Crystal glass mosaics can be produced in various specifications, the commonly used specifications are 20*20mm, 25*25mm, 50*50mm, 100*100mm and so on.  4. Mosaic has the characteristics of anti-radiation, high temperature resistance and non-water absorption. It has the advantages of soft tones, simple and elegant, beautiful and generous, and good heat and cold stability.   5. Mosaic has a wide range of applications: hotels, restaurants, halls, science and technology museums, theaters, TV towers, kindergartens, playgrounds (horror houses), etc.  Disadvantages of mosaic tiles  There are too many gaps in the mosaic and it is difficult to clean up. Kitchens generally use seamless tiles, which look like marble and are easier to clean, without the trouble of white seams turning black. Mosaic can be used on the bathroom wall of the bathroom, but it is not recommended to use it all. It is usually good to make a vertical mosaic strip on the wall where the shower head is installed. Choose a color different from the surrounding tiles, which is highly decorative and effective. Due to the relatively short production history, the crystal glass mosaic made by firing will have color difference and concave surface.   The advantages and disadvantages of mosaic tiles are introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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