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What are the advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-01-12

marble with the texture of natural stone material and decking tile decking tile of strong features, favored by consumers like, also gradually become a popular material that holds the market. The fashion has a great love of you, know something about the advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles? Small make up today lead you to understand the advantages and disadvantages to perfect, let you to select correct decoration products.

marble tile three advantages of marble tiles with unparalleled three advantages: one is the natural texture and exquisite realistic. Marble tiles have comparable to the beauty of natural stone texture, rich strong decorative performance and visual expression, bring home unparalleled fashion agitation. Its delicate texture clear, enamel meticulous durable, prevent slippery wear-resisting, the marble tile lifelike beauty show incisively and vividly. Second, the fashion of healthy environmental protection as the core. Marble tiles adhere to international quality brand, and strive to each product can meet the standard of environmental protection of natural, no radiation, no pollution, the purpose of let consumers enjoy the pure nature at the same time, zero for unlimited health burden. Three is a new energy mix build socialism passing fashion. Follow one's inclinations collocation of the style of ceramic tile of nowadays popularity, give a person a kind of harmonious and comfortable feeling, shows people pursue individual freedom life thoughts. In marble tiles laid, can try different changes in style, to display the imagination space to the extreme, show various of beauty. The two shortcomings of marble tiles marble tile same radioactive and natural marble, it is a lot of stone material has the characteristics of, but for a long time living in covered by marble floor in the bedroom, can cause certain influence to the body health. Marble of radioactive mainly embodied in two aspects: one is direct illuminate causes the body's blood and nervous system damage. Second, the radiation characteristics of radon, volatile for long, breathing will greatly increase the incidence of lung cancer. But natural marble emission of harmful substance with low radiation absorption, the human body almost won't have any response, so almost can be ignored. The real threat to human health, is the artificial marble. Artificial marble containing formaldehyde and benzene, and some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, from mixed with other harmful substances in the machining process, it is exacerbated by the dangers of artificial marble. So in the marble floor of choose and buy when, want to ask is a natural or man-made. What is the advantages and disadvantages of marble tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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