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What are the advantages and disadvantages of imitation marble tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-01-26

when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of imitation marble tile, its biggest advantages is the adornment effect is good, and price must be much cheaper, the marble is, of course, there are also some its shortcomings, specific to have a look at the following introduction:

a, imitation marble tile advantages: 1, easy to clean: a special coating on the surface with a layer of the surface is very dense, ordinary pollution can clean with clear water, serious pollution can be cleaned with neutral detergent. 2, light: the product density is small, so comparatively light, and is helpful to reduce the building load. 3, water proofing property is good, bibulous rate is extremely low, so the waterproof performance is superior, can be used in damp places. 4, incombustible material: is a kind of can be used as a fireproofing material products, very suitable for decoration are fire restrictions in those places. 5, chemical corrosion resistance, can effectively prevent the erosion of acid and alkali medicines such as class, even with chemicals drops to the ceramic tile also need not worry about decking tile is corroded. Second, imitation marble tile faults: 1, has the high radioactive, touch feel cold, walk barefoot in the cool meaning all above. 2, is hard, but the elastic a little is not enough, do not make more than 1 meter mesa, broken is difficult to be repaired. 3, easy to be dyed. As it is a simple introduction about the advantages and disadvantages of imitation marble tile, believe that through the above introduction, everyone will have further knowledge of imitation marble tile and understanding, of course the imitation marble tile on the market the brand is numerous, want to choose the high quality imitation marble tile, so be sure to master the skills of choose and buy, as long as the master can find a good ceramic tile.

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