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What are the advantages and disadvantages of different tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-30
We must know that there are many types of ceramic tiles, and different ceramic tiles have their own advantages and disadvantages, so today I will tell you about this problem. 1. Glazed floor tiles are fired from clay, quartz and feldspar. The surface layer of outdoor ceramic tile is made of porcelain glaze. They are divided into ceramic polished glazed tiles (commonly known as pottery glaze') and porcelain polished glazed tiles (commonly known as enamel). ') Two types, the reverse side of the ceramic glaze is bright red, and the reverse side of the enamel is gray-white. Generally, the actual effect of firing enamel is better. are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms because of their rich color patterns, many specifications, easy cleaning and non-slip. 1) Advantages: The brick surface is rich in colors and patterns. 2) Disadvantages: Because the surface is glazed, the wear resistance is not as good as polished tiles, and poor quality tiles are easy to crack due to thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. 2. The whole body floor tiles are mostly non-slip tiles, which are unglazed porcelain tiles. The material and color of the front and back sides are the same. This kind of whole body floor tiles are generally used in walkways, outdoor terraces, gardens and other places. Comparison of walls use less. 1) Advantages: The style is simple, the price is affordable, and its hard, wear-resistant, and non-slip characteristics are especially suitable for balconies, terraces and other areas. The hardness of the polished surface is equivalent to that of stone, and the water absorption is low. 2) Disadvantages: The whole body floor tile is a kind of wear-resistant outdoor wood deck tiles. Although there are varieties of permeable whole body tiles, its design and color are relatively inferior to glazed tiles. 3. Antique floor tiles are also called antique-effect floor tiles, imported from abroad, and are essentially glazed porcelain tiles. 1) Advantages: Antique floor tiles are not too difficult to clean. After being suppressed by thousands of tons of four-column hydraulic press, it is calcined at a high temperature of 1000 degrees to make it have high compressive strength and strong wear resistance. The antique floor tiles that have been carefully researched and developed take into account the characteristics of moisture resistance, anti-slip and corrosion resistance; antique floor tiles According to its style, color and pattern, it creates a retro atmosphere. 2) Disadvantages: When choosing colors, do not choose colors that are easily out of date. The anti-fouling ability is slightly worse than that of polished tiles. 4. Polished tile is a kind of granite floor tiles with relatively high luminosity made by polishing the surface of the whole body tile. There is no glaze. After firing, the surface is polished again, so the front surface is very smooth, and the back surface is the real surface of the tile. 1) Advantages: radioactive elements, no color difference, high compressive strength, thin and light brick body, which is good for transportation; soft and wear-resistant, can make a variety of wood effects, suitable for use in the living room and lobby. 2) Disadvantages: it is easier to get dirty and harder to repair. 5. Vitrified floor tiles are similar to outdoor ceramic tile, but the manufacturing regulations are higher, and the stipulated presses are better, which can inhibit higher relative density. In addition, the firing temperature is higher, which can ensure full porcelainization. It is mainly used in living rooms, Areas such as doorways and corridors are rarely used in water-filled places such as bathrooms and kitchens. 1) Advantages: Vitrified tiles are reinforced polished tiles, which can solve the problem of easy dirtiness of polished tiles to a certain extent. 2) Disadvantages: single color, easy to dirty, not only slippery, easy to penetrate liquid, etc. 6. Marble floor tiles refer to floor tiles made of natural marble. The texture of each marble floor tile is unique. Oil and gas are when these patterns are combined with different colors and sizes. This is why marble floor tiles are installed in different ways in homes that are both decorative and functional. 1) Advantages: There are many colors, good flexibility, not obvious connection processing, strong overall feeling, colorful, with ceramic luster, high surface hardness, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and very easy to clean. 2) Disadvantages: high radioactivity and cold feel; very hard, not flexible enough to make a table over 1 meter; easy to break when heated or impacted, difficult to repair, not easy to smooth the shape; natural pores, easy to be contaminated, easy to breed Bacteria, easy to seep oil, easy to stain. Can not realize seamless splicing, all connections use domestic glue, domestic glue cycle is short, easy to grow mold, and indoor formaldehyde. 7. Porcelain tiles are floor tiles with water absorption below 0.5%. Made from clay, quartz and feldspar, the porcelain tiles have the texture of natural stone and the luster of marble. 1) Advantages: high gloss, high hardness, high wear resistance, small color and light weight, high strength, stable chemical properties, acid resistance, wear resistance, etc. 2) Disadvantages: the bottom of porcelain tiles is prone to wind cracking defects. The above are the advantages and disadvantages of different tiles organized by the editor. I believe you will know more about the different tiles after reading this article.
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