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What are the advantages and disadvantages and planks ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-19

in general, the floor can be divided into two categories, ceramic tile and wood granite floor tiles. polishing brick and inferior smooth outdoor wood deck tiles, glazed tile, marble tile and so on. While wood granite floor tiles including real wood floor, aggrandizement is compound floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, PVC plastic floor, cork floor and so on. What are advantages and disadvantages so, ceramic tile and wood?

outdoor ceramic tile advantages: 1, wear-resisting and durable. Namely the wear-resisting degree is high, also waterproof corrosion resistance, and hard and durable.

2, brightens space. The smooth surface of the ceramic tile can light radiation space, make the space more bright.

3, convenient and manageable. The ceramic tile, strong carrying capacity, cleaning is very easy.

4, price concessions. Compared to the wooden material, ceramic tile material cost is low, the price is more favorable.

ceramic tile drawbacks: the surface is smooth, have the possibility of slip, and also easy to appear empty drum or fall off, be difficult to repair, walk on the path at the same time, although there will be a cold feeling, still cool in summer, but in the winter, it is can let a person feel cold discomfort.

wood advantage:

1, beautiful and comfortable. The wood material of natural, has the unique texture, not only has good environmental protection, and also a beautiful and comfortable.

2, can have heat preservation effect. That is different from the cold of ceramic tile, can adjust temperature, have very good heat preservation effect.

3, flexible non-slip. Its non-slip safer, if there is old person, child home, choose wooden floor is more appropriate. Faults:

wood floor need maintenance, because want to make wooden floor has a longer service life, is the need for regular maintenance, and it also afraid of scratching, if appear scratches, wooden floor can affect beautiful, is a very bad thing, and wood floor material price is higher, the installation cost is high also, this is it not good.

ceramic tile boards and what are the advantages and disadvantages are introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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