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What are stovetop tiles?  

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

   Every family will get a stove in the kitchen when they are decorating, but because of the special nature of the stove, it is often used for fire and cooking, so there are a lot of tiles on the stove. Matters needing attention, this edition of the editor will briefly introduce the way to lay the stovetop tiles, I hope it will be helpful to you!

  1. Before laying tiles on the stove, be sure to determine the size of the stove first, and try to ensure that the entire tile can be laid to make later construction more convenient;< /p>

  2. After determining the size, start measuring a suitable short lead strip (or use a wooden strip to make a frame), the thickness is about 4~5CM.

  3, Tie the steel keel of the countertop base, and tie the outer circle first according to the size of the wooden frame, and tie it into a '#' shape in the circle with a length of 10cm.

  4. Spread greased paper or newspaper on a clean floor, and place the wooden frame on the paper;

  5. Now start muddying work, spread a thin layer on the wooden frame A layer of cement yellow mortar, the steel keel is placed inside the wooden frame.

  6. Pour the fine stone concrete into the wooden frame, and then use tools to tamping and compact, the surface is smooth, the amount of cement should not be too small, otherwise it is likely to cause the countertop to be too thin and easy to be damaged .

  7. After standing for a while, you can clearly see the moisture absorption on the concrete surface. Then use an iron trowel to lightly pat the concrete surface, and then use a wooden trowel to smooth the surface of the concrete to make the surface more smooth and rough. At this time, start to cover wet straw bales or torn sacks for maintenance. It is best not to move during this period.

  8. The curing time is three days. When the time is up, you can remove the wooden frame;

  9. Pave the tiles horizontally and vertically on the blank, and the thickness of the adhesive is about 0.2~0.3CM.

  10. For facade tile paving, the thickness of the adhesive should not exceed 0.2~0.3CM, so as to adapt to the size of the flat tile protruding from the edge.

  11. When the standing tiles are fixed, put a layer of tiles on it again. After laying a layer, you can use the cut broken tiles to place a layer on it, the purpose is to increase the height of the table.

  12. It takes a long time for the structural glue to solidify, so the standing tiles are glued to the bottom tiles with structural glue, and it takes at least 12 hours to wait. If you feel that the speed is too slow, you can choose to use marble glue.

   13. After all the above steps are done, the countertops and cabinet doors must be installed. Generally, these are installed by the merchant. It is best to use a glass drill bit to drill the air pipe through the gas stove.

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