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What are imitation marble, ceramic tile of choose and buy skills

by:JIABANG     2021-01-26

if you want to choose the high quality imitation marble tile, so be sure to master the skills of choose and buy, mastered the technique can reduce the probability of is deceived, so take a look at the following introduction about imitation marble, ceramic tile of choose and buy skills:

1, see color: currently most companies as a result of the limitation of technology, the production of marble tile limited to yellowish gray, master of marble tile product texture and color transition, there is no hard feeling, inkjet technology is nowadays the main technology of high-quality marble tile surface color layers of permeable outdoor wood deck tiles should be of high quality marble, perfect restore natural color of natural stone material real and solid: picture for at least 360 dpi precision of 0 grid and high precision spray printing, the scene to identify pattern is clear, the place of decking tile 10 cm distance to the naked eye can't see the grid. 2, see the texture: good marble tiles fully thick, distinct, touch the product surface, smooth feel warm, like a baby's skin delicate, concave and convex have send, every piece of marble tiles is a natural stone texture and tactile effect, that is why marble tile light without sliding. 3, see texture: master marble tiles and natural marble is almost the same, to hear true and false, in marble of choose and buy ceramic tile, can take a closer look at the product texture, the texture is natural and beautiful. 4, stiffness: as a ceramic tile, everyday use in the family in general can't avoid all sorts of friction or collision, so the stiffness is also one of the most important elements of decking tile, marble in order to avoid the ceramic tile is easily damaged, durable marble tile should have higher hardness: thematic mohs hardness ≧ 6, the scene with blades and other hard iron swiping in ceramic tile surface, no scratches on the top grade. 5, the shop is stuck effect: in marble of choose and buy ceramic tile when consider the continuity and integrity of large area of the shop is stuck, marble tile color, decorative pattern is the reduction of natural stone material, but is the integrity of the natural marble tile does not have, because natural marble texture is different, each piece of product, therefore, the shop is stuck there will be a different effect, so, good marble tile, not only single chip quality is better, but also have change, so the overall effect of the shop is stuck would have integral feeling, the feeling of not repeat. 6, vitrified degree: discriminant standard is bibulous rate is in essence, bibulous the ceramic tile with low rate is not easy to absorb dirt, better quality, good marble tiles should be very low water absorption, the higher the degree of vitrified, bricky system stronger, more not easy ooze water; Bibulous rate should be ≦ 0. 05%, water droplets on the back of ceramic tile, slow water infiltration or not bibulous, the greater the density of decking tile, the better the quality. On the marble tile imitation skills related to knowledge is to introduce the decorate of choose and buy to here, hope this article will be helpful to you, if you still have what not understand place can focus on our website, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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