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What are common ceramic tile types

by:JIABANG     2020-08-29

now need to outdoor ceramic tile, when a lot of people are home run to market a look not to feel confused about, because the price of ceramic tile from 20 yuan a piece to more than 1000 piece of leaf, there are multifarious, about how to choose ceramic tile to the family is decorated, what how to choose the ceramic tile you need it. In this paper, a brief introduction of common types of ceramic tile have?

the first kind of polished tile, porcelain product surface after polishing, all brick body and the surface is a whole, just after grinding and polishing, and therefore polishing brick, because the material in the process of firing fully vitrified, say again so bo changes a brick, price economical wear-resisting ability to resist pollution, the disadvantage is that the water is wet, individual stains are hard to clean up.

the second category of glazed ceramic, inkjet printing on the surface of the body that brick, patterned after spraying a layer of glaze, after high temperature, molding, products after polishing after edge grinding process, such as product fully formed, it is glazed ceramic tile. Appearance of the visual effect is good, looks beautiful fashion, defect is wear-resisting than polishing brick almost, fight corrupt ability. Moderate price is the market mainstream products.

the third type of microcrystalline, is the market of new products in recent years, the price is quite high. On tile surface after inkjet printing design, covering a layer of microcrystalline powder, also known as microcrystalline particles after kiln fired again, on the surface of microcrystalline and adobe completely combined into a whole, after grinding and polishing products after forming. Glazed ceramic tile and the difference between the micro SPAR glazed outdoor ceramic tile surface is a layer of transparent glaze, microlite surface is a layer of microcrystalline composite glass, this difference.

the fourth column archaize brick, and archaize brick, self-sustaining, polished tile and glazed ceramic tile microlite is different, archaize brick have all the material difference between porcelain porcelain and ceramic tile, outdoor ceramic tile quality good wear-resisting bibulous rate is low, ceramic tile or half porcelain is much worse. Production technology is also in the surface of the tile body through ink-jet printing or silk screen design, after directly into the kiln firing. A piece of archaize brick molding. Archaize outdoor wood deck tiles price and glazed ceramic tile is similar, the pursuit of individual character style of friends can see archaize brick.

what are common type ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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