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What are ceramic tile of choose and buy skills

by:JIABANG     2020-12-15

a lot of people look at the brand to buy ceramic tile, is a big brand. See color very not good-looking, design. These are can see a little, but let me to introduce what is ceramic tile of choose and buy skills in an all-round way.

1, high flatness. Can through two simple method to distinguish whether level off on the surface of the ceramic tile, one kind is by observing the light irradiation, flat light is what kind of ceramic tile surface, according to go up is flat or only a small changes, the other is a two pieces of the same kind of other brick put together face to face, turn one block, turn easy smoothness is relatively poor. 2, wear-resisting degree is high. Network transmission cross test wear-resisting degree on the surface of the ceramic tile with a key may not be accurate, mohs hardness on the surface of the ceramic tile generally greater than 5, and only 3 keys or knife mohs hardness, more accurate hardness test have to take another brick row, there are tiny scratches belongs to the normal situation, if Nick slants big, poor proof decking tile wear-resisting degree. 3, the same batch without off color. Same model of brick, is not the same as two pieces of color is called color difference, the wait for the ceramic tile to site to check, the shop is stuck with the light of problems, can not find, often wait to finish all the shop is stuck, can see; Chromatic aberration is a ceramic tile quality problem, businesses have an obligation to responsible for replacement. 4, antifouling sex is good. Net travels with crayons in antifouling performance graffiti erased again detection on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile is not reliable, unless it is poor quality of the outdoor wood deck tiles; Generally it is difficult to detect when the scene on the antifouling performance of the ceramic tile, because need time, want to test you can drop a few drops of soy sauce and so on for a day or two will wipe again see ceramic tile color absorption, is easier than the glazed ceramic polishing outdoor wood deck tiles seepage pollution. 5, texture clear, realistic effects, and rich colors have administrative levels feeling. Poor quality of the surface of the ceramic tile texture coarse, fuzzy, single tones, and comparison with good brick on more obvious. What are the ceramic tile of choose and buy technique is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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