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Wells tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-23

   When choosing ceramic tiles for decoration, we will choose some famous ceramic tiles. However, there are many fake ones on the Internet that look good. There are not many really good ones. The one recommended by this site is one, but today What I want to introduce to you is another tile Welsh tile! Those who are interested can take a look! (Wells Tiles)

   1. Wells Tiles is actually not so long established. The factory started to be built in 2000, but Wells passed After more than ten years of development, it has gradually become a leader in China's domestic ceramic construction industry. Wells is a large-scale enterprise integrating the research and development and sales of ceramic products. Wells has won many honors through continuous efforts. , And has also been recognized by consumers.

  2. The quality of Wells ceramic tiles is very well guaranteed. In Wells’ unremitting efforts, Wells has successively won the 'China Famous Brand Products2009 Green Home Furnishing Brand, “Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province”, and “Top Ten Ceramic Brands in China's Building and Sanitary Ceramics in 2011” and other honors.

  3. The equipment is very advanced. Its tiles are made by combining Italian manufacturing technology and domestic tile aesthetics. Therefore, the ceramics manufactured by Wells is a combination of appropriate style and classic style. Of a high-end product. Wells' products use the international advanced roller printing technology, which is made through a variety of printing techniques such as cloth, metal, wood, rock and stone. The ceramic tiles of Wells adopt advanced technology and equipment such as imported precision edging, roller printing, imported glaze, and computer temperature control. The ceramic tiles made by Wells are as warm as jade, crystal clear, and the color is pure and natural. .

   So this tile is still very reliable. Basically, you can't fault it. If you are not familiar with other famous domestic tiles, I suggest that you first go to the store to see this tile, it should be good, thank you for watching! (Wells tiles)


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