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We pay attention to ceramic tile shop sticks before

by:JIABANG     2020-12-08

buy ceramic tile is in the shop is stuck, is also a need to do some preparation before the shop is stuck, so below small make up to introduce ceramic tile shop sticks before to pay attention to?

1, the toilet metope waterproof, this is the specification requirements, must be of a construction project, do not do waterproof, not only for their own the lateral wall of toilet, ground, wood items such as damage, at the same time, will also affect the downstairs. 2, metope hair treatment method is to use the cement mortar or cement mortar ( The sand content is unfavorable and exorbitant) Metope processing into ups and downs serrated layer, metope after dealing with the hair, increase the surface area of metope, it can effectively increase the contact area of ceramic tile with metope, thus effectively increase the bonding strength of decking tile with metope. 3, water treatment, bubble water is to fully glazed tile and suction process, because of its bibulous rate is around 10%, not bubble water causes the water instantly absorbed by the ceramic tile in the mortar, led to the decrease of the caking ability, easy to appear empty drum, fall off. Because of the bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles bibulous rate is less than 0. 5%, basically is equivalent to not bibulous, so bubble water with no bubble water no difference! shop sticks before should pay attention to what is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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