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Wall tiles renderings, wall tiles tutorial

by:JIABANG     2021-05-31

When tiling, many people will have a lot of doubts, such as what brand to choose, or what size of tiles to choose is the best, but these depend to a large extent on your house As a whole, the topic of today's editor is wall tiling. I hope that after reading it, you can solve your doubts.

Wall tiling tutorial uses only one kind of decking tile. Different spaces also pay attention to floor materials and colors. For example, dark or matte ceramic tiles can be used for south-facing rooms. Light refraction causes light pollution, and the brightness of the room can be adjusted with lighter, bright tiles in the north-facing room. Use nylon thread to pull out the ground elevation line on the wall to achieve the positioning effect, and then we will place the tiles according to the position of the positioning line, spread the 1:2 cement mortar on the back of the tiles, and then lay the tiles on the ground , And then use a rubber hammer to hit the surface of the tiles, so that the height of the tiles to be laid is consistent with the high mark of the ground we pulled, so as to ensure the neatness of the tiles.

Wall tiling tutorial Use white caulking agent. White tiles are easy to be dirty when they are jointed, and they tend to become black in a short time. It is recommended to add a little color to the original jointing agent to reconcile it into a color close to the tile or a darker color, so that it is not easy to show dirty. 2. Drill holes after decoration. I didn’t plan well before decoration. I didn’t think of drilling holes until after the decoration was completed. It would easily pollute the walls, tiles, etc., and it would be difficult to clean up. Fortunately, make sure to make holes between the decorations. The space, location, and quantity of the buildings are required to avoid starting construction after the decoration is completed.

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