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by:JIABANG     2021-06-01

In fact, if the place where the tiles are laid can be carefully designed, it can make this place the most pleasing attraction in the home. Different styles of tiles, with different combinations, paving and pasting in different rooms, will show different style effects. Tile paving is an artistic activity. Whether it is good or not depends on the craftsmanship of the master, and it is also related to the preliminary design and planning.

First, slip resistance

Since the kitchen is one of the most humid spaces in the home environment, the floor of the kitchen will inevitably be wet. Faced with such a situation, slip resistance has become the most worrying issue. Therefore, one of the precautions for tile decoration is to pay attention to the slip resistance of the tiles.

Paving matt tiles is a good choice. The matt tile is the tile that best meets the anti-skid requirements of the kitchen among all tiles. At the same time, the wear resistance and slip resistance of the whole body outdoor wood deck tiles are the best. The whole body outdoor wood deck tiles is not only unglazed, but also very hard in texture, which is very suitable for use in the kitchen.

Second, moisture resistance

In order to save the trouble of choosing ceramic tiles, most people usually mix wall and floor tiles. In fact, wall tiles are ceramic products, and floor tiles are indeed porcelain products. The physical properties of the two are completely different.

Be aware that the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles is about 10%, while the water absorption rate of porcelain tiles is only 0.5%. It is precisely because of the low water absorption of floor tiles that they are suitable for floor laying. The wall tiles are made of glazed pottery, with a relatively high moisture content, and the back is relatively rough, so that the adhesive can be applied to the wall. Floor tiles cannot be firmly attached to the wall, and wall tiles placed on the ground will not be easy to clean due to excessive water absorption.

Because the water vapor in the kitchen and bathroom is relatively large, so the wall tiles should be protected from moisture. It is precisely because of this that the kitchen cannot be mixed with wall tiles and floor tiles in the precautions for tile decoration. You must choose the outdoor ceramic tile with the best moisture-proof effect.

Three, easy to clean

The kitchen is the most greasy place in the house, and it needs to be cleaned from time to time. Therefore, the kitchen needs to be laid with tiles that are easy to clean. Ceramic tiles can be divided into whole body tiles, outdoor ceramic tile, polished tiles, mosaics and other varieties.

However, for cleaning needs, the precautions for tile decoration remind the kitchen not to use mosaics. Since the area of u200bu200beach piece of mosaic is relatively small, many gaps will be formed after paving. These gaps are easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it is very inconvenient to clean.

Four. Small size

The area of u200bu200bthe kitchen is usually not very large, so large size tiles are not suitable. Otherwise, it will make the kitchen look very crowded. Therefore, small and medium-sized tiles are the most suitable. Not only can it play a role in extending the vision, but also can reduce the loss and waste of ceramic tiles and save decoration costs.

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