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Understand the types of these tiles to reduce the chance of being deceived

by:JIABANG     2021-05-06

   In recent years, various brands and types of decking tile products have emerged one after another. Consumers are easily confused and confused when purchasing. In fact, there are some rules for choosing tiles. Today, the editor will share with you the experience of buying ceramic tiles.

   At present, there are so many types of ceramic tiles on the market, I don’t think it is necessary to repeat them one by one. In fact, the most commonly used ceramic tiles in the decoration process and the ones that have passed the market test are mainly four types: porcelain tiles, unglazed tiles, glazed tiles, and microcrystalline stones.  1) Ceramic tiles    Tile tiles are very light in texture and thin in thickness. Generally, the thickest is about 8mm. The waterproof effect is very poor and the durability is poor. The advantage is that the price is low, and it is generally suitable for balconies, kitchen and bathroom walls, the back of cabinets and the ground.  2) Unglazed tiles   In fact, the common polished tiles, whole-body tiles, and vitrified tiles are all unglazed tiles. This kind of tiles are basically whole-body tiles without glazed surface, but the water absorption rate is extremely low. The wear resistance is not good, the price is relatively moderate, and overall the price is very high. The only disadvantage is that the aesthetics of polished glazed tiles is poor.  3)    The fully polished, half polished, and antique tiles that we often hear are all glazed tiles. are actually a layer of glaze on the surface of the embryo body. The smooth ones are called fully polished outdoor ceramic tile, the frosted ones are called outdoor ceramic tile, and the old ones are called antique tiles. are slightly inferior to unglazed tiles in abrasion resistance and hardness. At that time, the appearance was more beautiful, the color patterns were various, and the corresponding price was slightly more expensive.  4) Microcrystalline stone   Actually, according to the craftsmanship, the microcrystalline stone can be regarded as a kind of glazed outdoor wood deck tiles, but a very thin layer of glass-ceramic is added on top of the glaze. The surface made of glass is as bright as a mirror, the pattern is more beautiful, and the hardness and wear resistance are also excellent. The price is expensive, 500-1000 yuan each.  The above types of tiles only need to choose regular brand tiles. With the current level of craftsmanship, the quality of the tiles is guaranteed. All you need to do is to choose the price you can accept and the style you like from the regular tile brands.

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