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Understand the characteristics and parameters of learning tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-07
All kinds of products made with clay as the main raw material and other natural mineral raw materials are selected, crushed, kneaded, calcined and other processes are called ceramics, while ceramic tiles are a variety of many ceramic products. What is water absorption?
The definition of water absorption: the weight ratio of the increase of water absorption into the open pores. Reason for existence: During the firing process of ceramic tiles, the raw materials of the green body will produce gas, most of the gas will be discharged from the green body, but some of the gas will remain in the green body in the form of bubbles of different sizes and shapes. : There are two kinds of opening and closing, and the opening part has the ability to absorb moisture. Factors affecting water absorption: formula composition, manufacturing process (slurry fineness, molding pressure, firing system, etc.) water absorption is the basis of all ceramic tile quality. The lower the water absorption, the better other properties such as strength and density. Ceramic tiles with low water absorption rate will not crack or peel due to thermal expansion and contraction due to climate change, but the water absorption rate is not as low as possible. How to prove that the water absorption rate is low: pour the water on the back of the tile, and it spreads quickly, indicating that the water absorption rate is high and it is not suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom with a lot of water vapor. What is the size? Size: The size of the product. The product size is uniform, which can save construction time and is neat and beautiful. Common size deviations are: two tiles are not uniform in size, the two sides of a single tile are recessed into a waist shape, and the size of the single tile is trapezoidal. What is flatness? ——Flatness: refers to the level of the surface of the tile. The smoother the surface, the better the paving effect. When the level of the tile surface reaches a certain standard, the correct paving will not be arched or sunken. ; Ceramic tiles with good flatness, the surface is not curved, no corners, easy to construct, and the ground is flat after construction. Tiles with insufficient flatness will have solid parts on the ground, which are easy to trip, so the matt tiles must be laid with seams. What is abrasion resistance? Wear resistance: It is described by the volume of decking tile powder ground under a certain force, a certain abrasive, and a certain number of revolutions. The more ceramic tile powder that is ground, the worse the wear resistance. Good ceramic tiles are resistant to heavy pressure, are not easy to wear, and will last forever. They are especially suitable for use in public places. What is intensity? Good-strength ceramic tiles have strong crack resistance. National standards: the minimum compressive strength of ceramic tiles is 27MPa, which is equivalent to 400 people standing on a foot-sized area of u200bu200b80KG. The higher the strength of the ceramic tile, the better the resistance to heavy pressure. What is gloss? Gloss refers to the strength of the reflective power of the polished surface of the tile. The higher the gloss, the stronger the reflective power, the more the surface looks like a mirror, which can be seen by light. What is antifouling? The ceramic surface is stained with dirt. If it is easier to wash off, the antifouling performance will be better. The antifouling performance is measured by coating the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles with standard traceable pollutants. After a certain period of time, use different types of pollutants. Cleaning agent to determine the anti-fouling effect of ceramic tiles; there is no ceramic that will not be contaminated at all, so when the ceramic surface is contaminated, we should use a suitable cleaning agent to clean, such as bleaching powder, washing powder, acetone , Hydrochloric acid solution, potassium hydroxide solution and other commonly used cleaning agents.
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