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Understand the basic knowledge of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-05-04
< p> in fact the professional knowledge of outdoor ceramic tile also is not a few words can make you understand, because it is designed to the range is wide, I personally feel that as a guide, you must first learn how to distinguish the stand or fall of a ceramic tile, if you don't know how to distinguish the stand or fall of a outdoor ceramic tile, you how to make customers believe that your professional! And when you in the store are neutral objective introduce products to the customer you are the most compelling, as opposed to a relatively low level of salesman will only 'claims the melon,' < / p> < p> how to choose the stand or fall of outdoor ceramic tile: < / p> < p> roughly two kinds of style on the market at present: archaize brick and polishing brick, brick buy what is not important, important is how to choose, these methods are the industry people used to test method of ceramic tile is good or bad, although cannot say 100% can pick up good brick, but at least 80% can't be wrong! Choose ceramic tile to remember what time it is good, the other is not important: < / p> < p> 1, look at the back of, to see if the color is pure, pure color display for ivory (commonly Partial white) , black, yellow, surface with black spots more no, black yellow brick itself have impurities, impurity GengDing density of brick down, usually prone to fracture and damage in the process of practical. But bricky system not very white very white on the back that is not normal, zirconium silicate material use too much, the national inspection ceramic tile have radioactivity is one of the amount of practical zirconium silicate materials, zirconium silicate materials can make white light brick, but zirconium silicate materials is one of the main killer of radioactive, it is important to note. Generally normal manufacturer has national certificate of inspection report, it is ok that you ask them to show, note: must be the kind of color with photo frame binding certificate or product brochures at the back of the parameters show that is not a copy of the inspection report, it can be forged. < / p> < p> 2, see if ceramic tile profile of particle body fine uniform, large, coarse particles body brick density degeneration, in use process will certainly out of the problem, a simple example: did you get the house is generally MAO embryo room, metope is the cement surface is very rough, when you use the putty powder after wall is smooth, exquisite, you can use the standard to see. < / p> < p> 3, the bricks up, use hand knock brick, voice clear proof brick density higher and higher, the better the quality, sound more depressing prove that the density of ceramic tile more bad, the fouling, durable resistance of ceramic tile is the worse. < / p> < p> 4, if it is to buy polishing brick ( More than 600 specifications of big granite floor tiles) , with the hand touch is brick surface ( The back of hand touch) , of feeling the smooth pinhole on the surface of the brick is less, fight corrupt ability, as long as they don't use in toilet or kitchen will not have to worry about slippery problem. < / p> < p> 5, the same color brick surface gloss, general big granite floor tiles is on DaXie board, above will have a lamp or fluorescent lamp, do you want to see the light bulb in the shadow on the surface of the brick ( Like to look into the mirror) , and clear shadow had higher glossiness of proof brick, brick of the stronger hardness, durable performance, the higher the contrary bulb shadow the blur proof brick is, the less the hardness. Note: I mean here is that the polishing brick, and then compare the time must be the same color, you can't use yellow brick and white to compare, it is wrong. < / p> < p> 6, if buy is archaize brick, also touch brick facade, feel with the hand tile glaze is exquisite, with eyes close watch, glaze particles body is rough and so on. Buy archaize brick is must pay special attention to the quality of glaze, if you can let the sales staff in detail the making craft of glaze, glaze is archaize brick's life because it is over, and the color is the soul of archaize brick, so must compare the home more on color, to see if the color is pure, choose a color is more pure product is basic to OK. < / p> < p> 7, if it is to buy ceramics ( Wall brick) , want to see between body and glaze on the side of the brick, take a look at the thickness of the glaze, is too thin to, because in the long run will appear rupture or appear seepage pollution. To see if ceramics glaze on the surface of the light, bright glaze quality good. < / p> < p> the above method 1, 2, 3 points is common to all brick, 4, 5, 6, 7 is the way for different products. Finally add a few words of brick is also a method, the weight of the heavy density relative higher and higher, but this is not useful to all brick, such as now if Europe god nuo and several other major brands have a product called 'light brick', weight is light but the quality is good too. So the weight contrast can only be used for traditional ceramic tile products. If conditions allow, pick up a glass of water to pour in the brick back look at brick bibulous rate, the faster the proof brick, the worse, the slower the release the better proof brick, this is the ceramic tile is bibulous rate is usually say again, the general international standard in 0. Below 4%, that is, brick will only 100 grams of water absorbed by 0. 4 g, achieve this standard brick basic are good. < / p> < p> < / p>
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