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Understand ceramic tile classification and advantages and disadvantages of introduction

by:JIABANG     2020-05-04
< p> understand classification and advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile is very important to our decoration, ceramic tile not only affects the beautiful sex that decorate, also can affect after outdoor ceramic tile classification and advantages and disadvantages of living in order to understand some matters needing attention in the process of below small make up on detailed classification and advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile contrast for everybody! < / p> < p> polishing brick therefore luce is formed by connect body brick after grinding and polishing of ceramic tile. With to compare body brick, polishing brick is more bright white. Polishing brick hardness is higher, not general wear-resisting. Not only that, the polishing brick with ooze to spend technology can make a wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. The classification of polishing brick is more, there is micro powder, ooze to spend, much cloth, etc. Is one of the multi-purpose polishing brick, and not only used for bathroom and kitchen, other place also can be used. < / p> < p> glazed tile is easy to understand, is also treated surface burn glair brick. Compared with polished tile, glazed tile color and pattern to be more rich, anti-fouling ability is stronger. But wear resistance than polishing brick, because the surface is glaze. From the point of raw materials, glazed tile has the branch of pottery and porcelain, and is divided into matt from the luster and the light. If decorate a kitchen, it is suggested that choose the light glazed pottery, rather than the inferior smooth, because grease into the brick surface are more difficult to clean. It is not difficult to draw, glazed tile or fit in with the toilet. < / p> < p> is connect body brick not glaze, named because of the positive and negative materials are all the same. Generally speaking, more wear-resisting body brick, but no glazed pottery design and color is rich. Has non-slip, polishing and kinds of ooze to spend points. Generally applies to the hall and corridor on the ground, very few people will use on the wall. < / p> < p> bo changes a brick is literally like glass brick, the fact is true, it is a burnt by a certain percentage of the quartz sand and clay, burnish brightness. Look really is as smooth as glass and bright, also is a kind of hard brick. Bo changes a brick is the advantage of water absorption and edge straight degree, bending and acid-proof alkaline brick is better than others. Shortcoming is also very obvious, dust and oil pollution are easier to penetrate into, not resistant to dirty. So is widely used in the place such as sitting room, bedroom, aisle. < / p> < p> Mosaic, ceramic Mosaic alias small shape, design and color is diversiform, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, its use more widely. From the material can be divided into ceramic horse, marble, glass Mosaic. Because of its small and color is diversiform, very suitable for small area, metope and ground. < / p> < p> ceramic tile, roughly is divided into five kinds of the above, to understand the classification and advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile, believe you must have their own favorite types, several such decorate the natural heart. < / p> < p>
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