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Specification requirements for wall tile paving

by:JIABANG     2021-05-30

Want to make your home wall tile paving more standardized? But in the face of such a complicated decking tile market, we suddenly looked confused. So what knowledge do we need to know? In this regard, the editor's suggestion is that we must have a certain understanding of the wall tile paving specifications, so that we can better show the effect of the wall. Now let the editor introduce to you the specification requirements for wall tile paving.

I. Precautions for laying wall tiles

1. When the grassroots treatment, all kinds of dirt on the wall should be cleaned up in advance. Watered and moistened throughout the day. For example, when the base layer is a new wall, when the cement mortar is 70% dry, the bricks should be arranged, stretched, and glued to the wall tiles.

2. The tiles must be soaked in clean water for more than 2 hours before the tiles are pasted. As long as the tiles are not bubbling, take them out and dry them for later use.

3. When paving and sticking, when encountering pipelines, lighting switches, bathroom equipment supporting parts, etc., they must be cut and matched with whole bricks, and it is forbidden to use non-whole bricks to paste together.

2. Acceptance criteria for tile paving

1. Pay attention to whether the floor tiles need to be parqueted or laid in a uniform direction.

2. Check the flatness of the floor tiles with a 2-meter level. The error shall not exceed 0.5mm, the height difference between adjacent tiles shall not exceed 0.5mm, and the straightness of the gap shall be 3mm. When the floor tiles are laid, other types of work shall not be polluted. Don't step on it. After the completion of the floor tiles, the joints will be cleaned 24 hours after the completion, followed by cleaning and maintenance.

3. The hollowing phenomenon of floor tiles is controlled within 3%. The hollowing on the main channel must be reworked. 3% refers to a single corner hollowing, and the whole block shall not be hollowed.

4. After the floor tiles are laid, check the flatness for errors, hollowing, color difference, etc., cover them with thick cardboard or plywood, old carpets, etc., and use wide paper tape to stick tightly between the board seams , Prevent debris from entering.

The above is some information on the specification requirements for wall tile paving compiled by the editor. I hope that it can be used as a reference for everyone and save some unnecessary troubles.

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