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Specification requirements ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile shop sticks standard is what

by:JIABANG     2020-12-02

when we decorate a lot of times can use ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop sticks are need to know a lot of ways, to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile shop sticks specification requirements.

1, metope ceramic tile ( 1) Metope brick wall ceramic tile to one day in advance when sprayed walls moist. Keep metope smooth, there are intensive timely fill and level up, clean up the walls all kinds of dirt. Such as base for the new wall, cement mortar seventy percent when, should be making brick, spring wire, sticks towel wall brick. ( 2) ceramic tile second paste must be soaked in clean water before 2 hours, make ceramic tile after moisture absorption feet won't suck the moisture of ceramic tile after the shop is stuck, cause falls off phenomenon. When immersing bricky system still prevail. Last in line when shop sticks decking tile, switch, etc. , the supporting members must be consistent with the whole sets of brick, do not use the whole brick paste together. 2, ground tile, 1) to immerse to make ceramic tile shop sticks decking tile ground soak for half a day ahead of schedule, avoid the shop before no bubble water, causes quickly absorbs moisture from the slurry after laying ceramic tile, form a paste, the phenomenon of empty drum. ( 2) Note waterproof second kitchen, bathroom should have running water slope, not water. If destruction of the original waterproof layer during construction, the need to do waterproof processing water again after 12 hours to do the waterproof test, ensure no leakage. Finally after ceramic tile laying on the ground, the tile with a cardboard cover, such as the best 24 hours before they can walk on the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles. shop sticks specification requirement is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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