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Specification for paving wall tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-30

We must have a certain understanding of the wall tile specifications, so that we can better show the effect of the wall. So if you want to make your home wall tiles paving specifications. Let us take a look at the specification requirements for wall tile paving. Make the walls in your home more in line with your wishes.

paving is a technical activity, which has strict procedures and technical requirements and should be completed by a professional construction team. The basic procedures of the internal wall tile paving specification include: wall leveling, waterproof pretreatment, decking tile immersion pretreatment, ground elevation, spring line pre-arrangement and other steps.

1. The wall is leveled. The pre-paved wall must be leveled, and the measurement should be done before construction, and the uneven wall or the angle or size deviation of the wall should be leveled with cement mortar.

2. Wall waterproof pretreatment. For the parts that need to be in contact with water, use a waterproofing agent for waterproofing first, and then use 1:3 cement mortar to scrape the bottom layer. The bottom layer should be flat, but it does not need to be too smooth. After 70% of the bottom layer is dry (1-2 Day), you can pave and paste the construction.

3. Pretreatment of ceramic tiles by immersion in water. Soak the selected ceramic tiles in clean water for more than 1 hour in advance, and then dry them vertically for later use. For the same wall, use a batch of soaked ceramic tiles as much as possible to avoid color differences.

4. Ground elevation. It is necessary to accurately measure the elevation of the ground, make a mark, and correct the ground horizontal line with cement mortar or other materials (such as turning or wood).

5. Spring line pre-arrangement. After the bottom layer of the wall elevation is processed, according to the size of the ceramic tiles and the method of arranging bricks, horizontal and vertical outdoor wood deck tiles seams will pop up on the wall. Generally, they should be arranged from the outside corner first, and the non-whole bricks should be arranged as inconspicuously Position (such as the internal corner), and insert wooden nails marked with the thickness of the paving or put vertical and horizontal lines at the position of the outdoor wood deck tiles joints every 1-2 meters as a sign.

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