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Some waterproof precautions before home decoration tile

by:JIABANG     2021-05-13

The temperature rises little by little, indicating that spring has come quietly. Having just passed the long and icy winter, have you started planning the decoration plan for the beginning of spring? Maybe you just bought a new house and are ready for a full renovation. Maybe you want to transform your old house into a more fashionable and practical way. The editor has collected a large amount of decoration information for you, and I believe it can help you make your love home more comfortable.

Nowadays, people’s daily life is busy and tense. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can you make your home warm and comfortable? As long as you master a few tricks, you can easily create a pleasant home.

Personnel: Generally 1-2 bricklayers are required.

Order: wall tiles first, then floor tiles.

Time: A good bricklayer will stick 5-6 square meters a day, otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee the quality. Especially in places such as window sills that require small diagonal corners, it takes a lot of time.

1. Paving colored outdoor ceramic tile:

Treatment of base layer → elastic line → tiles soaking and moistening → paving cement mortar → installing standard blocks → paving floor tiles → jointing → Clean → maintain.

2. Paving ceramic mosaic (mosaic) category:

Processing the base layer → elastic line, standard bar → paving cement mortar → paving → compacting → watering, peeling paper →Dial seam, seam filling→cleaning→maintenance.

2. Construction points for laying ceramic floor tiles

1. The concrete floor should be chiseled at the base layer, the depth of chiseling is 5-10 mm, and the spacing of chiseling marks is about 30 mm. . After that, clean the floating ash, mortar, and oil stains, and brush the ground with water.

2. The line should be bounced before paving, and the datum line at right angles to the doorway will pop up on the ground. The bounce line should start from the doorway to ensure that the entrance is a whole outdoor wood deck tiles, and the non-whole outdoor wood deck tiles is placed in the internal corner Or under the furniture, the elastic line should pop out of the vertical and horizontal positioning control line.

3. Before laying ceramic floor tiles, the ceramic floor tiles should be soaked and dried in the shade.

4. When paving, the cement mortar should be plastered on the back of the ceramic floor tiles. At the same time, check the correction with a spirit level, and wipe the surface cement mortar.

5. After 2-3 hours of paving, wipe the joints with white cement, and use cement and sand u003d 1:1 (volume ratio) cement mortar. The joints should be filled tightly and smoothly. Then wipe the surface with cotton thread, so that it can be clean and waterproof.

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