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Some tips for buying ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-01

   Ceramic tiles are important building materials for home decoration. Ceramic tiles include floor tiles used for the ground and wall tiles used for the walls. When purchasing, you must make a wise choice based on the situation. The following experts will tell you about the purchase of ceramic tiles. Tips, and common mistakes everyone makes.

  Distinguish the types of tiles   The classification of tiles must be clear. Only by understanding the types of tiles, can you not be fooled when choosing tiles. Ceramic tiles are divided into two categories, namely glazed tiles and non-outdoor ceramic tile. are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms, while non-glazed tiles are mainly used in areas such as living rooms. The professional angle is divided according to the water absorption rate of tiles, and there are five categories: the first category is porcelain tiles (water absorption rate Ele; 0.5%). The market mainly includes polished tiles, industrial tiles, glazed matte floor tiles, etc.; The second category is stoneware tiles (0.5% 10%). There are two types of interior wall tiles and glazed high-gloss non-slip floor tiles on the market.  Choose suitable materials  Kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other areas, the floor tiles are mostly matte non-slip tiles to prevent the soup from making the floor slippery, so the choice of floor tiles is non-slip. Currently the more common specifications are 100times; 100 and 800times; 8000, 600times; 600. The living room, aisle and outdoor aisle generally choose the specification 600times; for those above 600, the material selection surface is relatively wide, which is mainly determined according to the economic affordability of consumers.  Professionals advise consumers to choose a brand of ceramic tiles with better materials, because the decoration of ceramic tiles is different from the decoration of wooden floors. It is very troublesome to re-decorate the ceramic tiles. It is best to complete the decoration at one time.

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