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Small ceramic tile is the line that play a base knowledge

by:JIABANG     2020-12-18

when decorate, if after finished stick ceramic tile, we will find a tricky phenomenon, is the corner of the place is quite dirty, will definitely affect the own the overall beauty of the building, but the solution of the problem is relatively simple, ceramic tile is the line that play a base, so this thing is how to operate? This small make up is simple to talk about! ( is the line that play a base)

1。 With normal cement ceramic tile play crural line

in general, ceramic tile is made of ceramics to the line that play a base, bibulous rate is low, so the shop is stuck on the ceramic tile of the line that play a base and the use of time, can be used of exterior wall thermal insulation by adhesive, mainly made of materials, cement, quartz, and so on, these matching with the formula is very scientific, so is a very good bonding, so is the ability to guarantee decking tile is the line that play a base of cohesive force of the shop is stuck.

2。 Use glue to stick ceramic tile decking tile play crural line

ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive is the best tool, can provide a better adsorption capacity, so this product is ceramic tile adhesive has very good cohesive force, used for ceramic tile shop is stuck with the line that play a base, is a good choice. adhesive the use of this product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, also will be more convenient to construction, and the use of ceramic tile is the line that play a base will not appear fell off phenomenon, performance above is very strong.

3。 Binding mortar ceramic tile stick to the crural line

play crural line in ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, can be used bonding mortar, this product is made of bonding mortar material is cement, quartz, and various made of polymer, made through a unique process, so the bonding mortar is has a very high intensity, the performance of paste used for ceramic tile is the line that play a base using the shop is stuck, is a very good performance and effect.

is these common process, because the ceramic tile is the line that play a base must be used, so the dry is especially valuable! To learn more the knowledge of ceramic tile? Might as well keep an eye on our website! Absolutely you need to decorate knowledge! Finally thank you for watching! ( is the line that play a base)

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