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Skills what are the ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-12-13

skills are of ceramic tile of choose and buy? Believe that many people would have such a question. In order to make everyone more accurate understanding of the ceramic tile of choose and buy skills, today small make up will give you a good introduction to ceramic tile of choose and buy skills, let you no longer worry about choosing ceramic tile!

1, watch whether choose ceramic tile ceramic tile surface or choose other decorate material, when the choose and buy should be watched carefully. For the ceramic tile that decorate material used, when the choose and buy you must learn to watch from various angles the surface of ceramic tile do you have any special obvious flaws, and combined with the touch of the palm of your hand to see if it of the surface gloss of the smooth and bright. In addition to see if ceramic tile is particularly obvious deformity, its trademark have showed that the name of the manufacturer and related production information, to prevent counterfeit and inferior ceramic tile. 2, measuring the size of ceramic tile market size and size are not the same, when choosing ceramic tile must not ignore the size of the influencing factors, to know the different decoration style and the building area is different to the specification of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of one thousand selected size does not conform to the need to decorate decorate will hold up smoothly, can also cause a certain loss. So for all the help you before the ceramic tile of choose and buy must will home decorate a style to heart, and ask the workers and decorating designer determine the size of the ceramic tile used, in order to buy will be more worry also avoid to buy the wrong size decking tile. 3, inspection quality in general we don't know what kind of ceramic tile when ceramic tile of choose and buy good quality of ceramic tile quality bad, in order to guarantee to the superior quality of ceramic tile of choose and buy, when the choose and buy you can personally check the quality of ceramic tile. Specific operation method is to choose a want to buy ceramic tile, under the condition of the consent of the merchants in ceramic tile above the drops of water and see if it will produce the phenomenon of water seepage, and the change of water droplets to examine how the water absorption of ceramic tile. If compare strong ceramic tile outdoor wood deck tiles, so it is bibulous rate is high, this is worth buying ceramic tile, and vice versa. 4, touch choose ceramic tile surface in addition to the above said three methods still have a kind of touches the smoothness of ceramic tile surface, simply is when the choose and buy can use the friction surface of ceramic tile, some hard items and see how its wear resistance. If no tracks after a stroke, it belongs to the fine ceramic tile ceramic tile is a kind of wear-resisting degree is higher, and if you have any trace lightly across it on the surface of the ceramic tile, then this kind of ceramic tile quality needs to be improved. What are the ceramic tile of choose and buy of technique is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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