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Six ways to choose ceramic tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-16

Decoration has always been the most important thing for people. Ceramic tiles are anti-pollution and easy to clean. Many people choose to use tiles to decorate the living room. So, what tiles are used in the living room decoration? Below, the editor will tell you what tiles to use when decorating the living room.

The classification of tiles is clarified. Only to find out the type of tiles, you cannot be fooled when choosing tiles. Ceramic tiles are divided into two categories, namely outdoor ceramic tile and unglazed tiles. are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms, while non-outdoor ceramic tile are mainly used in living rooms and other areas. The professional angle is divided according to the water absorption rate of the tiles. The first category is ceramic tiles (water absorption ≤0.5%). The market mainly includes polished tiles, industrial tiles and glazed matte floor tiles;

The second category is enamel tiles (0.5% 10%). There are two types of interior wall tiles and glazed high gloss non-slip floor tiles on the market. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption, the better the quality, the better the decorative effect, and the more comfortable to use. Choose materials suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and other areas. Floor tiles are mostly made of matt non-slip tiles to prevent the soup from making the floor smooth. Therefore, it is the first choice for choosing non-slip tiles.

The current mainstream specifications are 100×100, 800×8000 and 600×600. Living rooms, aisles and outdoor walkways usually choose 600×600 or more, and the choice of materials is relatively wide, which mainly depends on the affordability of consumers.

Professionals suggest that consumers choose ceramic tiles with better materials. Since tile decoration is different from wood floor decoration, it is very troublesome to reinstall the tiles. It is best to decorate once. Don't lose because of small losses. Emphasizing brand technology The design style and suits of domestic decking tile brands have already met international standards. The manufacturing process and technology are already very mature. Among the building materials whose national standards are higher than European standards, ceramic tiles are one of the few building materials. For example, the national standard test method for ceramic tiles is to cycle at a temperature of 150°C and a pressure of 0.5 MPa, and only allow seven cycles at a pressure of 1.0 MPa to leave the factory. Therefore, domestic first-line brands are highly cost-effective, and consumers who choose domestic brands will not be affected.

Six methods of ceramic tile quality

1. Put a few drops of tea juice or water on the back of the tile. After a few minutes, it depends on the degree of inhalation of the water droplets. No water absorption or water absorption rate Low and good quality.

2, the sound is very crisp when the tiles are struck, and the sound is crisper. The higher the density of the porcelain, the better the hardness.

3. If the tile is scratched by a sharp object, if the scratch indicates that the glaze is poor, it will make people slip. After polishing the glaze on the surface, the tile surface will not be cleaned.

4. The color and transparency of the tiles are natural, indicating that the porcelain has a high degree of porcelain, the color is not clear, and the degree of porcelain is low.

5. When buying, you should see whether there are defects on the surface of the pinhole with the naked eye within one meter. If the glaze is not completely integrated, it is easy to cause dirt accumulation.

6. Observation of the degree of warpage: Check whether one side of the tile is straight with the naked eye. If it is warped, it will seriously affect the future of the tile.

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