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Simple and easy-to-understand daily maintenance methods for microcrystalline stone tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-02

  The surface of the crystallite is a layer of transparent or translucent glass-ceramic material, which has high gloss and abrasion resistance of about 4. Below we will introduce the common daily maintenance methods of microcrystalline stone tiles.

  Microcrystalline stone tile maintenance method:

  1. Daily cleaning: If it is used on the ground, it is mainly to prevent abrasion. The enemy of Microcrystalline Stone is the gravel under the feet. Therefore, the daily cleaning is mainly to use a dust control system: dry dust pushing a carpet system with reasonable dust removal to clean. At the entrance and exit of the place of use, carpets or dust-removing mats should be laid to avoid abrasion and scratching of the stone surface by hard debris such as sand and gravel.

  2. Cleaning: Quartz sand, the main component of microcrystalline stone, is chemically stable, and has no chemical reaction with acid and alkali at room temperature, and the microcrystalline stone has high compactness, and it is difficult for water-based stains to penetrate, so it is generally Neutral detergent can achieve the cleaning effect. But do not use detergents containing abrasives such as decontamination powder. And because of the low water absorption rate, it is difficult to dry after cleaning, and the surface is smooth, so it is easy to slip. Therefore, it is recommended to clean without guests or use a fully automatic scrubber as much as possible.

  3, maintenance agent: generally use crystal hard powder, crystal hardening agent (someone also called crystal surface agent, vitrifying agent) for daily maintenance. The microcrystalline professional care agent can glaze the nano crystal molecules (SiO2) in the care agent at room temperature into a crystal protective shield through the heat generated by grinding. As a result, polished tiles, artificial microcrystalline stones, and granite wear beautiful crystal clothes, which are dazzling.

  Maintenance tips:

  1. Try to avoid regular friction between metal objects and hard objects such as sand particles on the surface of the microcrystalline stone;

  2, don’t Long-term contact with strong acids;

  3, often clean the contaminated surface with water or neutral detergent, organic solvent;

  4, when paving the floor, after a period of use, the outdoor wood deck tiles The individual pores and defects that may remain on the surface will absorb dirt and become black. In this case, use a toothbrush and other tools to dip a neutral detergent such as toothpaste to clean it, and then fill it with tree wax or hard wax.

   The above is the maintenance method of microcrystalline stone tiles, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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