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Should the wall be bricked or bricked?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-31

Different styles of tiles, with different combinations, paving and pasting in different rooms, will show different style effects. Tile paving is an art work. Whether it is good or not depends on the craftsmanship of the master, and it is also related to the preliminary design and planning. In fact, if the place where the tiles are laid can be carefully designed, this place will become the most pleasing attraction in the home. Here are some pictures for users to appreciate whether the wall is tiled or hung with bricks!

Whether the wall is tiled or hanging bricks is a good combination of simple and traditional

This is a simple, practical, low-cost, high-quality masterpiece. Can we achieve a decoration result full of home ideals with just the simplest scraping of large white wall + paint + ceramic tiles? The answer is yes. Take a look at this Spanish-style apartment, which is a minimal space created with extremely complicated and complicated tiles within a limited budget and ensuring safety and practicality. Again, simplicity is not to give up everything, but to establish one's own order in the cumbersome and complicated

Whether the wall is tiled or hanged depends on the characteristics of the location. Design

First, in the real scene, there are many home appliances and kitchen utensils in the kitchen, and the background tiles should be simple and unified. Don't be confused by the fancy patterns. Second, it should be easy to see the time in the kitchen. Third, put some handy spices on the cooker hood, this position will not be splashed, and it is very convenient to take, and it is easy to become a unique small landscape in the kitchen. After understanding these, you can use the characteristics of this place to formulate the tile paving style.

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