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Shop floor tile other small details!

by:JIABANG     2020-03-29
< / p> < p> many users consider only beautiful and use without seam shop is stuck, floor tile in the shop is stuck. Or the shop is stuck too close too close, easy for later. Due to the base layer, adhesive layer and outdoor ceramic tile own heat bilges cold shrink coefficient difference is very big, 1 - Tension damage under two years of hot cold, too close up of the ceramic tile to summon up, the problem such as fracture, have data to show that if such problems to the shop is stuck, the cost will be 4 times more expensive than the first time the shop is stuck! < / p> < p> leave good sewing shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile, not only can save more helpful in beautification bedroom. Especially cold winter shop is stuck, in order to prevent the coming year chun xia's thermal effect, the shop is stuck on how to reasonable, seam is more worthy of attention. < / p> < p> the shop is stuck to facilitate seam spacing in accordance with the real size of the shop random adjustment brick, marginal areas as far as possible using the whole brick, already beautiful save time to save money, different colors and patterns of making large area spelling a flower shop sticks outdoor ceramic tile, floor seam can make the transfer of design and color is more natural, more eye-catching; Seam is the shop is stuck to ensure flat-fell seam tile surface, prevent the seam deviation caused by the brick size deviation, affect the overall effect of the ceramic tile shop is stuck, at the same time, also can prevent from brick and floor or wall shrinkage caused by different deformation of brick, arch, empty drum, fracture and other conditions, cause secondary material waste. < / p> < p> < / p>
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