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Share a few action choice marble tile skills!

by:JIABANG     2020-03-21
< p> simple techniques to share a few action choice marble tiles! < / p> < p> in recent years, the decoration profession favorite is ceramic tile, marble but in many brands of home decoration market, vary widely in price and quality of products, it is hard to find a reasonable price, high quality, beautiful appearance of building materials. Would you hesitate, confusion, anxiety. Don't worry, I'm here are seven tips to teach you how to make your eyes on fire, you can be a guide to the choose and buy: < / p> < p> the first step, choose a random box of ceramic tile on the ground to see if repeating patterns, low degree of repetition, adornment effect is better. In household space, rich texture and can make the whole space looks smooth, continuous, providing comfortable and beautiful visual enjoyment, texture repeat can make the space appears rigid and stiff. Texture repeat area of 5 square metre or not are the essential characteristics of high grade marble tiles. < / p> < p> the second step, the ceramic tile are compared with those of the natural marble, on the premise of removing impurity, similarity, the fidelity is maximally represent the style of the original stone material, the stone grain of reduction degree of 99 or higher. 9% is high quality marble tiles. < / p> < p> the third step, have a sharp knife on the surface of the outdoor ceramic tile and the best product is no scratches. Hardness is taller, more durable. If the hardness is not enough, it is easy to damage. High quality standards should be a millstone hardness greater than 6. < / p> < p> the fourth step, to see if the texture is clear, good quality ceramic tile should not appear obvious effect of the texture fuzzy, machinery, printing problems, 10 cm distance can't see the quality of the grid is good. Grid has been an important factors affecting high definition model, five days of the world's leading inkjet magic can minimize the defects such as process, and make the bricks Gao Qinghe more bright. Surface texture should be 360 dpi precision 0 grids, high precision printing is high quality standard of marble tiles. < / p> < p> step 5, printing ink, vinegar, soy sauce, etc, on the surface of the ceramic tile and wait for a moment to wipe clean, no residue is good quality. According to the whiteness of glaze, the higher the density, the difficulty of the permeability, the greater the level 5 level of antifouling is of high quality standards. < / p> < p> 6, the drop of water on the back of the tile, ooze water slowly or not bibulous, high density, good quality and vice versa. Water absorption has been one of the standards of quality, low water absorption water or dirt not easily, operation more convenient, bibulous rate is less than 0. 05% of ceramic tile is a high quality standard. < / p> < p> step 7, will be the same size different marble tiles are compared, and the weight of the heavier weight, the thicker the thickness, the chat more fully, the higher the density. Will affect the durability of cutting products, every square metre of 25 kg or more in quantity is high quality. < / p> < p> < / p>
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