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Several kinds of the machining method of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-04-29
< p > pure are spread to outdoor ceramic tile texture better stretch stretches, but expression not only in the ceramic tile. Now more and more need through processing to show his special ceramic tile, pour through deep processing such as edge, grooving, round edge presents various stereo and rich aesthetic adornment effect. So gold to introduce a few kinds. < / p > < p > for example: < / p > < p > < / p > < p > pull slot < / p > < p > tank, also known as slot. Past mainly applied in the stone, but with the brick cast marble tile and porcelain tile, ceramic tile also can make slot effect. Adopted in ladder groove processing, can rise to prevent slippery beautiful effect, common two or three non-slip grooves. < / p > < p > in addition to the ladder application, granite floor tiles on the wall can also pull slot can be done, such as the application of bathroom, living room, and other places. < / p > < p > chamfering processing is mainly used in wall corner, a more traditional way of Yang Angle processing. < / p > < p > the two ceramic tile to ground into a 45 degree Angle, then diagonally labeled, this seemingly simple brick kung fu, actually very test of decoration workers technology, properly apply directly to the chamfering than Yang horny line is more beautiful and grade. < / p > < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p > < p > it is worth mentioning that 45 degree chamfer is not 45 degrees, but 30 degrees or so, only in this way, there can be gaps between the Angle of the two pieces of ceramic tile ( If really cut into 45 degrees, two bricks together form a right Angle, there is no gap) And then to fill the binder. In construction of < / p > < p > note don't grinding ceramic tile is too thin, so as to avoid the late prone to cracking open joints. < / p > < p > round edge < / p > < p > round edge, as its name implies is to place of outdoor ceramic tile edges of grinding flat grinding, lest too sharp. Can be applied on the ladder round edge of ceramic tile, window sill stone, working in the kitchen mesa. < / p > < p > at present in the shop is stuck, windowsill or mesa ladder round edge processing use morer. < / p > < p > round edge effect of wave window < / p > < p > shape < / p > < p > modelling can generally referred to as a combination of the shop is stuck. Such as diamond, return type, triangle, wave line, the shop is stuck is done through the secondary cutting, changeful modelling make a space more effect. < / p > < p > the diamond shape < / p > < p > back glyph shape < / p > < p > water knife spelling a flower < / p > < p > water knife expensive spelling a flower. But its magnificence, is incomparable. No water knife spelling a flower, not a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, its cost in addition to depends on the number of square, also depends on the complexity of the design. < / p > < p > although it has been made through direct ink-jet 'water knife' spelling a flower, do not look the effect almost life-like, but contrast of real water knife spelling a flower, still have a distance on the texture. Cladys < / p > < p > < / p > < p > sand blasting is used to achieve the result of anaglyph ceramic tile. Oiled paper by equipment to cut into design, paper, ceramic tile with will cut good design, sand can be achieved. On the concave and convex relief effect, make ceramic tile design vividly rendering, generally applied in the background on the wall. < / p > < p >
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