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Setting wall ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-04
Setting wall ceramic tile chosen is a basic pattern, the production of personalized customization and its patterns are very rich, diverse design style. The adornment design of the actual effect is very tall. Generally used in TV setting wall, also can make sofa setting wall, more suitable for random house, room, lounge bar decorate metope. < / p> setting wall ceramic tile strength: < / p> 1) Decoration design diversified: background wall ceramic tile design style is varied, colorful, and the design is very beautiful and easy, suitable for Chinese style, European style, low-key costly, contracted fashion, rural wind various design style decoration design.

( 2) Product quality of the brand, choose archaize floor tile, glazed ceramic floor tile, such as floor tile microlite low water absorption, high wear resistance, waterproof resistance to dirty the floor tile of production and processing, processing color actual effect is very good.

( 3) Technology diversification: background wall ceramic tile technology plane carving, carving, relief pattern twice or carving, carving, carving layer selection on ceramic tile face, brush texture effect, silver inlaid into the hot stamping process, and spray, three-dimensional carving, carving, multi-layer carving a variety of skills, such as manufacturing of texture under the floor tile of romancing wei wei qiao.

( 4) Custom-made humanization, setting wall ceramic tile can be in accordance with the building is decorated, in fact, size specifications tailored, personalized color decorative pattern design can be customized.

( 5) Long time durable easy to clean, tonal and ceramic tile ceramic tile surface from the inside out, each other together, coupled with high density protection glaze, make its enduring, long durability, cleaning only need to clean cloth. < / p> setting wall ceramic tile shortcomings: ( 1) Market price on the high side, because the setting wall of outdoor ceramic tile production cycle time is longer, from submit orders to the end of the processing and production, production time generally need about ten days; And in order to better achieve adornment design actual effect and avoid floor tile, construction technology of need is also relatively high.

( 2) Avoid by all means do not color too miscellaneous, setting wall ceramic tile decoration design and the actual effect of flexible vivid and interesting, and more in household adornment design porch, sitting room background wall, TV wall marble bedroom wall or restaurant design, room area, fully reflects the whole sitting room his owner's life quality and taste. If too much too miscellaneous, color, for the usual living words have some bad influence. < / p>
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