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Secondhand the room how to renovate the sitting room should be how to clean ceramic tile ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-27

as house prices rising, many people will choose to buy second-hand housing, the price will be relatively cheaper, user after buying fannie and Freddie house didn't if to decorate a style not satisfied with the original, often need to be refurbished, so how do the secondary tile renovation, the sitting room of ceramic tile should be how to clean it, this article is to introduce the below.

how to renovate a secondary ceramic tile: direct laying new tile

on the market sell that kind of special material of outdoor wood deck tiles wall renovation, mainly is the surface treating agent and ceramic tile ceramic tile, Mosaic adhesive these two, we only need to put these coatings on the original floor tile, and then in the above new on the shop floor tile, granite floor tiles is be directly replaced by a new, in this way can save a lot of time and energy for everybody, very convenient, no matter adopt what kind of floor tile, the original house can be refurbished, if you have any damage to the decking tile, need to remove it, laid up will be more strong.

secondhand the room how to renovate two ceramic tile: keep the old granite floor tiles

some second-hand house granite floor tiles is intact, basic can need not be replaced, but later, we must do, ceramic tile is the gaps between the need to remove all to do again, because of the old ceramic tile after use for a long time, there are many dirt, so this is the need to remove, at the same time if the tile gap after redo what will become more beautiful.

secondary tile three: how to renovate the old wooden floor tiles with

this method less people will usually use, but this method can also be in theory, if the user needs to use this method, before the construction need to clean the surface of ground ceramic tile, need disinfection treatment, at the same time, otherwise the new wood floor installed easily become the scene of various bacterial growth, it will produce certain effect to health of the living environment of the user, in addition, if spread wooden floor on the ceramic tile, can increase the height that's why we need to consider.

the sitting room should be how to clean ceramic tile

1, our daily detergent can be used. Low soap, goods such as ceramic tile cleaning.

2, can use soap, and a small amount of ammonia and turpentine mixed liquid to clean ceramic tile, this makes ceramic tile is more bright.

3, if there any scratches the surface of ceramic tile can scratch place daub toothpaste now and then in with dry cloth to wipe the repair.

the article summary: that's about secondhand the room how to renovate and ceramic tile ceramic tile sitting room should be how to clean the related introduction, hope to be able to give you in ceramic tile renovation to provide some Suggestions, the ceramic tile of if you think your home is old, might as well try for renovation.

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