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Seamless tile renderings, tile gap treatment must be cautious

by:JIABANG     2021-05-11

For new house decoration, many people are entangled in whether the floor is better to be tiled or wood floor is better. In fact, when you choose between the two, ceramic tiles must be selected, because functional areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, If you choose to stick the floor, the subsequent dampness and oiliness are difficult to deal with, so no matter what, the home decoration and ceramic tiles must be used. It depends on you to use all or part of it. In fact, there is still a very important question about the choice of ceramic tiles, which is whether it is better to choose tiles with seams or to choose seamless ones.

Part1: The remaining seams of the tiles must be changed according to the climate

The remaining seams are the cornerstones of the success or failure of tile paving. Indispensable craftsmanship, so how can we do a good job of leaving seams? What are the differences according to different climates?

1. The importance of leaving seams on tiles

Don’t understand from the literal meaning and go for the so-called 'seamless paving'. Because no matter what type of decking tile, it is impossible for each piece to be exactly the same. The error in its length, width, height, and thickness, seamless paving or improper joints, will inevitably make the tiles crooked. Proper seam retention can also ensure the safety of the tiles themselves. Otherwise, once the ambient temperature changes, even if the tiles expand and contract with heat, there will be tiles with paving methods, and the rules for leaving seams are different.

2, the gap is 1-1.5mm

Generally, the gap of seamless outdoor wood deck tiles should be 1-1.5mm, but not less than 1mm. For ordinary tiles, it is roughly between 3-5mm. When purchasing, consumers should ask the seller for the special cross locator (width 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, etc.) to ensure that the tile joints are straight and even in size.

3. Carry out widening treatment

Paving tiles for special effects can also widen the tile gaps. For example, it is advisable to leave wide seams for special-effect antique bricks, exterior wall bricks, cultural bricks, etc. In addition, if the tiles are laid in winter, pay attention to slightly larger seams to prevent thermal expansion and contraction, and the caulking will squeeze each other.

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