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Seamless tile effect picture, leaving no seams

by:JIABANG     2021-05-12

Actually, there is still a very important issue in the choice of tiles. It is better to choose tiles with seams, or to choose seamless ones. Many people do not consider this and directly choose the ones with seams. In the follow-up life In China, many people suffer. Let's take a look, which one is better?

1: The reason why the owner is unwilling to leave seams?

1. The seamless or fine seam paving effect is more beautiful, making the ground look smooth and tidy;

2. Confusing the concept, thinking that 'seamless outdoor wood deck tiles' is completely unnecessary Leave seams and pave the stickers;

3. I feel that there are seams left, and the seams are easy to get dirty, yellow, moldy, ugly, and difficult to clean;

4, the color of the gaps is monotonous , I feel that no seams are left for paving, and the seams are small and easier to take care of and hygienic;

5. I lack professional knowledge. I think the experts recommend leaving seams because the quality of the tiles is not good enough.

Two: Why should there be seams in tile paving?

1. Any object itself is stored in the expansion coefficient related to the temperature, leaving a seam can well avoid the phenomenon of tile fracture and arching caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the decking tile due to the temperature difference.

2. If the tiles do not leave seams during the paving construction, it is easy to have uneven paving. In fact, this is not due to the quality problem of the tile product itself, but because of the paving construction. The mud moisture is uneven during the mud mixing process. After the construction is completed, the mud is highly condensed and produces uneven tension resulting in unevenness. Leaving seams can well avoid this type of problem.

3. The regular lines produced by the tile joints paving can achieve a certain three-dimensional effect. At the same time, its role not only beautifies the overall effect of paving space, but also a great relief to visual fatigue to a certain extent.

4. It can also be more convenient in the future maintenance and maintenance. For example, the tiles are damaged due to the accidental fall of heavy objects caused by man-made heavy objects. If the seams are left, the damaged tiles can be easily replaced immediately.

3: What are the benefits of leaving seams in tile paving?

1. Leaving seams can prevent tiles from hollowing, deformation, cracking, edge jumping and even falling off;

2. Leaving seams can also save materials;

3. All ceramic tiles have errors, and the joints of the bricks can reduce the negative effects caused by the errors;

4. Properly leaving the joints can enrich the paving effect;

5. Seams are more difficult to clean;

6. Reduce the uneven joints caused by construction errors;

7. It is more convenient to maintain and replace in the future.

Four: How to leave seams in tile paving?

1. Widening treatment

The tile gap can also be widened when laying tiles for special effects. If the tiles are laid in winter, pay attention to the gaps to be slightly enlarged.

2. The paving with cross seams is more beautiful

When consumers buy, they should ask the seller for the special cross locator to ensure that the tile joints are straight and large. Evenly.

3. With the rich colors of the beauty joint agent, the anti-fouling effect is also greatly improved.

The material of the joint sealant is continuously improved, and the color can basically meet the matching needs. Secondly, the antifouling performance has also been greatly improved.

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