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Sanitary tile renderings, what is good for bathroom tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-11

The decoration of the bathroom is an important part of the whole house. Everyone knows that the bathroom is a place with relatively high humidity. Therefore, special attention will be paid to the selection and use of ceramic tiles. The first thing that comes to mind is non-slip, and then quality, aesthetics and other issues. Today I want to introduce you to the basic common sense of choosing ceramic tiles for bathroom decoration. Next, please follow the steps of the editor and let us understand the bathroom together. There are a few basic common sense explanations for choosing ceramic tiles for decoration.

What are the best bathroom tiles?

Slip-resistant tiles

Wet toilets are easy to fall, so we choose bathroom floor tiles. Prioritize its slip resistance. It is recommended to choose a full-body tile or a glazed tile with sufficient glazing. If the tile is not glazing enough, the surface will be smooth, and the more you use it, the smoother it will be.

Moisture-proof tiles

Moisture-proof is the most important requirement for bathroom tiles. The so-called moisture-proof does not mean that the wall tiles and floor tiles absorb all the moisture in the bathroom. On the contrary, it means that the wall and the floor of the bathroom cannot be affected by moisture. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the tiles, the lower the water absorption. Since the bathroom is a place that is often wet, the tiles used must have very low water absorption.

Wear-resistant and stain-resistant ceramic tiles

The bathroom is a place that is easy to get dirty in the whole family. Therefore, when we choose ceramic tiles, we must consider the wear-resistant and stain-resistant properties. Here is a suggestion. When choosing bathroom tiles, you can identify the quality of the tiles by judging the thickness of the glaze layer on the surface of the tiles. Scratch the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles with a hard object. If there are scratches, it means insufficient glazing. After the thinner layer of glaze on the surface of the tile is polished, the surface of the tile is likely to be dirty and difficult to clean. And some unglazed floor tiles are generally not suitable to be laid in a damp and airtight environment, because the pores on the bricks absorb water vapor and cannot disperse, which can also cause mold to appear.

Collocation of colors

The color of the bathroom tiles should match the overall style of the bathroom. For small spaces, it is best to choose light-colored tiles, which will give people a look A brighter and more spacious feeling, so as to achieve the magnification of the visual effect. If you choose a darker color, it will look depressed and narrow.

Guide for buying and selling non-slip tiles

A look: there are many varieties of floor tiles.

According to the variety and technology, it can be divided into outdoor ceramic tile, non-slip tiles, and vitrified tiles. , Polished tiles, micro-powder tiles, bleed tiles and other floor tiles. There are also many quality levels: excellent, qualified, and other foreign products. Through careful observation, the quality of the floor tiles and the quality of the inlays often reveal themselves: the surface of the floor tiles is cracked, uneven, and the surface of the floor tiles is bright, but there are spots or glazes in the glaze layer or in the glaze layer. There is a color difference in the surface color, which can generally be judged as poor quality of the floor tiles themselves, which are inferior products that must be replaced. In addition, the decoration quality of floor tiles mainly depends on whether the flatness of the overall surface is greater than 2 mm within 2 meters, the height of the joint between the bricks is greater than 0.5 mm, and the flatness of the joints exceeds 3 within 5 meters. Millimeters. Anything that exceeds the above-mentioned range is considered as unqualified decoration quality.

Second knock: check whether the floor tiles are inlaid with hollow drums

The inspection method usually uses a special small steel hammer or a small iron hammer, a small iron rod, and gently knocks the floor tiles around the room The four corners and the middle of the floor tiles can be detected for empty drums. The sound is crisp and normal. If there is a hollow sound, it is a hollow drum, indicating that the quality of the decoration is unqualified, and it must be removed and replaced in time. During the inspection, the hollow floor tiles were marked, and it was found that the floor tiles were broken, and the edges were also marked and must be replaced. A home inspector from the same wife told reporters that some decorating companies often mislead consumers with 'a small amount of hollow drums within the permissible range of qualityThis reminds the owners to pay attention to protecting their rights.

Three splashes: try splashing water

Floor tiles have a drainage slope requirement for balconies, bathrooms, and kitchens. Check whether there are pits on the floor of the bathroom, kitchen, and balcony, and whether the water is flowing smoothly. You can know by splashing a lot of water. This 'process' can be carried out at the end. After all the other items have been checked, use a water container to pour water on the ground. Wait a while, where the water accumulates indicates where the floor tiles are uneven or the slope of the water is drained. Not enough.

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