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Sanitary tile renderings, detailed basic common sense

by:JIABANG     2021-06-11

The design of the bathroom is indispensable to the artistic collocation of tiles. Ingenious collocation will create an extraordinary artistic effect. But the bathroom is a relatively humid place in the house, so the most important point in choosing bathroom floor tiles is to have very good anti-slip properties. Today, let me take you to find out what tiles are used in the bathroom.

There are a few basic common sense explanations for choosing tiles for bathroom decoration.

1. Choose tiles with low water absorption. Generally speaking, high-quality tiles have water absorption. Very low, so it can dry quickly.

2. Choose tiles with high texture density and high texture density and better hardness. When such tiles are laid in the bathroom space, they are not easily damaged, and are also easy to maintain and clean.

There are a few basic common sense explanations for choosing ceramic tiles for bathroom decoration.

3. Now that the humidity is large, it is recommended to cover the wall so that it is not only for beauty, but also to resist moisture erosion , Protect the waterproof layer of the wall.

4. When we buy floor tiles with non-slip texture, merchants generally recommend matte surface or shallow convex-concave floor tiles. The reason is very simple: non-slip. In addition, the laying of floor tiles usually retains a leakage slope of 1%, and the floor drain is the lowest to facilitate drainage.

5. Differentiate with different colors

If your home chooses dry and wet decoration: the shower area is separated from the toilet and basin area. A good division can be achieved through different ceramic tile materials and patterns.

6. The bathroom decoration tiles must be non-slip

This is because the bathroom has a lot of humidity, and safety in the face of high humidity is the first thing, so the floor tiles should be as hard as possible Use non-slip texture.

7. The choice of tile color needs to consider lighting

If the bathroom has good lighting and a large area, it is good to use dark-colored tiles at this time. However, if the lighting is not good and the space is small, the editor recommends that you choose white or light colors, which can make the bathroom look spacious and bright. Also pay attention to the match with the overall style.

8. The choice of gloss and matt

Bright or matt tiles can be used for bathroom wall tiles. They have been processed during production, so they are all easy to clean. Affected by certain lighting and area factors, a large area can be paved with matte lighting, and a small area is not good for lighting. It is better to choose bright tiles, which look brighter. The ground is better to use matt, non-slip, not easy to fall, and safe.

9. How to choose and buy

Take a look to see the color and smoothness of the surface of the tile; second listen, tap the surface of the tile, and listen to whether the tapping sound is crisp; three drops of water, the tile Water dripping on the surface, check whether there is water seepage; measure the size of the decking tile with four feet to see if there is any error, and also pay attention to its hardness. The decking tile is top grade with good hardness, strong toughness and not easy to break.

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