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Overview of the development of ceramic tile industry

by:JIABANG     2021-05-16
Source: With the rapid promotion of the home improvement industry, China's ceramic tile output has exceeded tens of billions of square meters. Behind the huge number is an amazing market demand. At the same time, it also means broad prospects for China's ceramic tile industry. A closer look at the development of the ceramic industry can reveal that China's ceramic industry has experienced three stages of growth. 1. The birth of China's ceramic tile industry   Since the Foshan Acid-resistant Ceramic Factory introduced China's first fully automatic ceramic wall and granite floor tiles production line from Italy in the 1980s, China's building ceramic industry has taken a rapid pace of development. It was at this time that Chinese ceramics began its path of growth. Faced with a huge market capacity unique in the world, China’s ceramics industry has developed extremely rapidly, and it has rapidly developed into the world’s largest ceramics industry in just 20 years. Big pottery production country. The development of China's ceramics industry has laid a solid foundation for the stability and growth of the country's manufacturing industry in the future. With the development of the ceramics industry, the manufacturing level of my country's ceramic wall and floor tiles is rapidly approaching Europe, especially the manufacture of polished tiles. The level and labor productivity have been far ahead of the world level, creating the myth of 'China's ceramic manufacturing model'. After more than 20 years of development, China's ceramic industry has made great achievements! 2. The growth of China's decking tile industry In the 21st century today, with the continuous growth of technology and the Internet, as well as the rapid development of the world's real estate industry, people's living standards are also constantly improving, which is also accompanied by personal income The improvement of the taste and appreciation has led to the continuous expansion of the demand for medium and high-end decking tile products, which has made the production and consumption of ceramic tiles in the world have achieved greater development. In addition, with the improvement of infrastructure and the investment in residential housing construction, there is an increase in GDP. With steady growth, the income of ordinary people has also been increasing, and they have begun to pay attention to decorative housing, and the demand for building materials such as ceramic tiles is increasing. The Chinese ceramic market is once again hotter than ever. The prosperity of China's ceramics industry continues, and the industry concentration is expected to increase again in the future.  3, the independence of China's decking tile industry    China's building ceramics has developed into several major ceramic production areas such as Guangdong, Shandong, East China, Fujian, Sichuan, and Hebei. According to the '2016-2021 China Industry Market Demand and Investment Consulting Report' statistics in the reporting hall, the output of China's ceramic tiles reached 1.074 billion in June 2016 alone.  Guangdong is one of the birthplaces of China's ceramic wall and floor tiles. The current annual output accounts for more than 50% of the country's total output. The main production base is in Foshan, and other production areas such as Heyuan, Zhaoqing and Qingyuan. The biggest highlight of Guangdong ceramics is Foshan ceramics. The number and scale of Foshan ceramics enterprises are so large that, for now, other production areas cannot compare. The number of China's well-known trademarks obtained by the ceramics industry alone accounts for the whole country. In terms of production scale, technical level, enterprise management or product supporting, it is first-class in major production areas, and has a high reputation and strong market penetration in various markets. The trend of building ceramics in China. Looking at my country's major ceramic production areas, its new products, new designs, new techniques, and new equipment are basically from Foshan. It can be said that Foshan ceramics leads the trend and represents the development direction of my country's ceramic industry. The development of Foshan Ceramics is also concentrated in its industrial chain. Foshan Ceramics has a complete industrial chain, including presses, polishing machines, printing machines, kilns, frit, pigments, glazes, packaging and other related ceramic equipment and raw materials. Each has its own splendor, forming a virtuous rolling pattern for the common development of related industries, with ceramic manufacturing as the main chain, integrating many industrial resources, and forming a strong integration advantage.   China's ceramic tile industry can be said to have experienced a full century of nirvana. As the leader of the manufacturing industry, its strength not only reflects the improvement of my country's national conditions, but also reflects the country's strength and prosperity from the side.
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