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Outdoor tile renderings, what are the classification of exterior wall tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-22

Now outdoor activities have gradually become the object of people's concern. They are always nestled indoors, and they are going to get moldy. But for the elderly and young children who have just learned to walk in the family, a fall is a decisive factor. The old man is no better than the young and middle-aged. Many of the functions of the body are weakened. If you fall, you will be paralyzed and stroked. Therefore, laying neat floor tiles outdoors is a very important thing. Let me tell you about this. Outdoor floor tiles.

What is exterior wall tiles:

Exterior wall tiles are used for building surface decoration with stable performance and protective effect on the wall Building materials. Because exterior wall tiles are resistant to strong acids and alkalis, they are widely used in modern architectural decoration circles. In order to fully integrate the beauty and personality of the building, the design unit and the developer decorate the building with different types and materials of external wall tiles. In addition, the individual design plan of the design unit also determines that the materials used to decorate the exterior wall must have many characteristics. Because of the various shapes and styles of exterior wall tiles, the decorative effect is very good.

What are the classification of exterior wall tiles:

1. According to material:

Glazed exterior wall tiles, external wall tiles

2. Forming method

Extrusion forming, dry pressing forming

3. Production method

Outer wall tiles of pad kiln, exterior wall tiles of straight roller kiln, Tunnel kiln exterior wall tiles

4. Packaging methods

Sticker exterior wall tiles, scattered pieces of exterior wall tiles

5. Texture

Bright surface, matte surface, frosted surface

6, flat surface

flat surface, sandstone surface, water ripple surface, split outdoor wood deck tiles surface

7, construction

Paving exterior walls, dry hanging ceramic panels on exterior walls

In addition, there is also a method to classify exterior wall tiles by their uses and decorative effects.

The advantages of exterior wall tiles:

1. The appearance of exterior wall tiles.

The surface texture of exterior wall tiles can be divided into two types: glossy and matt. So their texture and expressiveness are different.

2. The texture of exterior wall tiles.

Because of its strong physical and chemical properties, exterior wall tiles perform well in anti-corrosion and fire-prevention performance, which is also a bright spot of its maturity.

Now it is mainly used in heavily polluted and dusty environments, and it is also very convenient in terms of cleaning.

Disadvantages of exterior wall tiles:

1. The production requirements and construction technology of exterior wall tiles.

Exterior wall tiles are difficult to construct for the first time, expensive, and require super-technical construction masters, otherwise there is a risk of falling off and hurting people. Secondly, if you use exterior wall tiles, you must solve the waterproof problem of the material. .

2. Environmental protection and water seepage problems of exterior wall tiles.

If the initial waterproofing is not done well, it will be difficult to find the water seepage point if the water seeps in the later stage. Secondly, external wall tiles need to use acidic cleaners, which will pollute the environment after being washed by rain.

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