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Outdoor tile renderings, how to lay outdoor floor tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-21

As the saying goes, people depend on clothes and horses and saddles. The building is no exception. Exterior wall decoration materials are the outer clothing of buildings, and exterior wall tiles are also an important material for exterior wall decoration of buildings. Today, I will introduce you to the knowledge of exterior wall tiles.

What kind of outdoor granite floor tiles material?

1. Square tiles: ordinary square tiles suitable for the ground, roof tiles suitable for roofs, and indoor tiles Supermarket bricks. Ordinary square bricks are also matched with blind bricks and stop bricks, which are generally yellow, gray and black. Because of its super wear-resistant, non-slip and beautiful decorative properties, it is widely used in leisure squares, municipal engineering, supermarket stores, 4S stores, landscaping, beautiful roofs, garden balconies and public places with a large number of people. It is non-slip, wear-resistant and beautiful. , The feature of convenient repair, is an ideal ground and roof decoration material for modern city construction.

2. Lawn bricks: Lawn bricks can be pre-made into various specifications and colors according to needs, inlaid with various patterns, and assembled into different patterns, which are more beautiful than cement floors, and can reduce the reflection of ground The glare phenomenon reduces the reflection of ground radiation and reduces the transmission of heat on the ground layer. Turf tiles are widely used in urban road reconstruction, park construction, community greening, etc.

How to lay outdoor floor tiles?

1. According to the design drawings or design requirements, find out the floor tiles color, pattern and other trial numbers. Select the defective floor tiles. In this way, the following work can be prepared in advance.

2. After the floor tiles arrive, they need to be sorted and classified. At the same time, remember to place them in a safe place to avoid damage.

3. Before laying the floor tiles, they must be soaked, so as to avoid the absorption rate of the floor tiles causing the moisture in the cement to be absorbed and cracking.

4. You need to use a spoon or a water pipe on the ground to wet the ground base with water. During this operation, reduce dust. It also allows the ground to absorb part of the water. Will not produce water shortage.

5. Next, is the mixing of the cement cushion. The volume of cement sand for laying floor tiles is better at about 1:5. Sprinkle and mix uniformly, and the thickness should be about 3cm; the bonding layer and floor tiles should be laid in sections at the same time, and cement slurry or dry paving mud should be used for bonding when laying.

6. After the floor tiles are touched with cement oil, they should be tapped slowly with a rubber hammer to reach the level of the level. Remember, the cement oil must be polished, otherwise it will easily empty the floor tiles in the future.

7. Within half an hour after pasting, the surface of the granite floor tiles surface should be treated with a water rag to be clean, flat and solid; the width of the joints between the porcelain plates should meet the design requirements, and the width of the joints should not be greater than 2 mm. Unless there are design requirements. Antique tiles are considered separately.

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