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Outdoor tile renderings, how to lay common outdoor floor tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-21

As the saying goes, people depend on clothes and horses and saddles. The building is no exception. Exterior wall decoration materials are the outer clothing of buildings, and exterior wall tiles are also an important material for exterior wall decoration of buildings. Today, I will introduce you to the knowledge of exterior wall tiles.

What are the types of outdoor floor tiles?

1. Outdoor floor tiles are cement floor tiles. The smoothness of this type of floor tiles is not as high as other tiles, and its texture is Relatively rough, the color is also very poor, it is often used in outdoor decoration, but this kind of floor tiles are very easy to hide dust, if not cleaned for a long time, it will give people a gray feeling. This kind of floor tiles are often used in squares and lawn decorations.

2. Square tiles of outdoor floor tiles: The square can be subdivided into ordinary square tiles, roof tiles and indoor supermarket tiles.

3. Ordinary square bricks are matched with blind track bricks and stop bricks, which are generally yellow, gray and black. Because of its super non-slip, wear-resistant and decorative aesthetic properties, it is widely used in leisure squares, municipal engineering, supermarket stores, 4S stores, landscaping, beautiful roofs, garden balconies and public places with heavy traffic. It has the characteristics of non-slip, abrasion resistance, beautiful appearance and convenient repair. It is an ideal ground and roof decoration material for modern city construction.

4. Outdoor floor tiles are lawn tiles. Lawn tiles can be pre-made in various specifications and colors according to needs, inlaid with various patterns, and assembled into different patterns. They are more beautiful than cement floors, and can reduce the glare caused by ground reflection, reduce the reflection of ground radiation, and reduce the ground layer. Transmission of heat. Turf tiles are widely used in urban road reconstruction, park construction, community greening, etc.

How to lay common outdoor floor tiles?

1. Before paving, outdoor floor tiles should be pre-selected for the size, appearance quality, color, etc. of the tiles, and cleaned and put into clean water Soak and use after taking out to dry. The dry time in the shade is generally about half a day, and the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles has no water film and a sense of moisture.

2. On the cleaned leveling layer, find out the ground elevation, level it with a level ruler, and pop out the horizontal line; and pre-allocate the edge position.

3. When paving floor tiles, first use waste bricks as marker blocks, and make a marker block at intervals of about 1.5 meters horizontally, and use pull lines to correct the flatness.

4. The paving of floor tiles should start from the sunny corner. The 1:2.5 cement mortar is used for paving. In order to improve the workability of the mortar and facilitate the operation, it can be mixed with lime paste not more than 15% of the cement amount. Use a spatula to hang knife dust on the back of the roof tiles, with a thickness of 5-6mm. The amount of mortar should be filled with mortar just after paving.

5. After the first line of paving is completed and corrected, the pull line is translated, and the top method is followed in turn to pave. When paving, care should be taken to keep it flat with the adjacent roof tiles. If there are different sizes or geometric shapes of roof tiles, they should be adjusted at any time during paving to make the gap width consistent.

6. After the paving is completed, the quality inspection should be carried out, and the surface of the tile should be scrubbed with clean water. The joints and pressure joints should be rubbed and compacted with cement grout of the same variety, strength and color. Rinse with clean water after all the work is completed.

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