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Oceano analyzes which misunderstandings are easy to fall into when buying tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-07

   Tiles usually give people a sense of spaciousness and convenience, and are the most common materials for wall and floor decoration. But many people make some formalistic mistakes when buying and arranging ceramic tiles, blindly seeking markings and colors. I wonder if we have gotten the trick?

   Misunderstanding 1: The use of bright tiles can enhance indoor lighting. Most homes and office buildings tend to use brighter colored tiles for decoration. Because bright tiles can not only make the room look rich and beautiful, but also To a certain extent compensate for the lack of daylighting. Misunderstanding interpretation: The light reflection coefficient of    Liangtang polished tiles and some antique bricks can be as high as 90%, but the light reflection coefficient of the usual *wall is about 70%, and the mirror glass is about 80%. If you spend a long time on the wall with lubricated tiles In the living room environment, light reflection will make the eyes very tired and even reduce the visual function. Therefore, the use of too bright tiles is not recommended for household tiles. Misunderstanding 2: Regardless of the space, blindly adjust the waistline. Usually, the edge of the wall in the home decoration will often use waistline bricks for decoration. It can visually increase or decrease the layering of the space, and reflect the characteristics, grades and characteristics of the owner. The taste of life is very popular with the public. Misunderstanding:    Although it is very characteristic and beautiful, waistline tiles are not always suitable for use. There are two common situations that are not suitable for paving waistlines: one is that the height of the bathroom is not good enough, and the waistline is paved. The overall space will be divided, and the bathroom that is not high will appear to be low and low; the second is the small area of u200bu200bthe kitchen, perhaps for families with integrated cabinets, the cabinet height and waistline height are about 80-90 cm, waistline It happened to appear above the countertop of the cabinet, not only without decoration, but also cluttered.  Misunderstanding 3: Thick tiles are better than thin tiles. Many home improvement products are thicker, the better the quality, so owners tend to form an inherent thinking, thinking that heavy things are more real. In fact, thick tiles on the market are indeed more popular than thin tiles, and tiles with larger specifications are thicker, while floor tiles with the same specifications are thicker than wall tiles.   Misunderstanding interpretation:    In response to the question of the thickness of ceramic tiles, there is no unified mandatory standard in China, so there is no so-called “thickness is better than thinner”. In terms of application value, the biggest value of ceramic tiles is still the decoration function. It only needs to be qualified in carrying capacity and anti-damage ability. Tiles that are too thick are not environmentally friendly.   We need to choose carefully when choosing ceramic tiles. After all, choosing the right ceramic tiles is a good help to our overall pattern. If you want to know more about decking tile issues, you can click on the decking tile brand to learn more.

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