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Monte carlo brand ceramic tile is introduced

by:JIABANG     2020-09-30
Can be used. Now the ceramic tile of brand on the market emerge in endlessly, so what kind of brand is better? Underneath, small make up recommend for everybody monte carlo ceramic tile, the ceramic tile just like its name, very artistic connotation, so, monte carlo ceramic tile? Let's take a look at the specific characteristics. A, monte carlo tiles - — Brand introduction monte carlo ceramic tile is founded in 2006, from the shore of the Mediterranean, Europe is a high-end brand personality, it will perfect the Mediterranean amorous feelings with the combination of the ceramic, with a brand new concept and style, for users to create high quality products, provide the best products and services. Monte carlo is a costly temperament, but also has a romantic pure and fresh and natural temperament, is a high-end brands in ceramic industry. Second, the monte carlo ceramic tile - — How 1, monte carlo from its inception, has been very focused on the quality of the product. Companies invest money, is committed to the strict production management and quality control, more strictly comparable to European standard, has already passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 certification, a comprehensive monte carlo ceramic tile products quality is very stable, monte carlo ceramic tile has the pursuit of product quality 'zero defect'. 2, the use of monte carlo ceramic introduced the first-class production equipment imported equipment, such as Italian SACMI7200 tons of press, rubber roller printing machine and penetrate the international advanced printing technology, the entire production process using the rigorous intelligent system management. 3, monte carlo tiles with relevant institutions authentication. Now people are advocating green environmental protection, and monte carlo ceramic tile by China green building sanitary ceramics detection, fully meet the national standard, belong to A kind of environmental ceramics. 4, monte carlo, best-selling domestic and foreign decking tile, and the range of production and use of unrestricted. With production technology of large-scale comprehensive can meet the needs of different levels of users, provides users with more novel design and high quality, and high price inexpensive ceramic products. 5, monte carlo ceramic tile products rich diversity, specializing in the production of all kinds of high-grade polished tile, wall outdoor wood deck tiles and outdoor ceramic tile, etc. , ceramic tile rich innovative style, and create the high quality products using high-tech content, the ability to form a complete set of products in the same industry in the leading position, is deep the affirmation of the ceramic tile industry. Conclusion: the above simple introduction for everyone monte carlo the related knowledge of decking tile, ceramic tile monte carlo? Believe everyone above finish also had a more profound understanding. in our household use frequency is very high, and the ceramic tile of brand of choice, also will be more long service life and better wear resistance. A friend in need, might as well go to a local store reference monte carlo ceramic tile.
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