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Mona Lisa tiles prices

by:JIABANG     2021-04-30

   I believe that many people will first consider this famous brand when buying ceramic tiles. After all, a famous brand is at least a little quality guaranteed. When it comes to reliable tiles, you have to mention this Mona Lisa tile. But the biggest problem with famous brand tiles is the price. In this issue, the editor will explain to you some related issues of this tile! ()

   First of all, let’s take a look at the background of this Mona Lisa tile. Mona Lisa tile belongs to the Mona Lisa Group Co., Ltd., which is a scientific research company. A large-scale private joint-stock ceramic enterprise integrating development, professional production and marketing. As a well-known brand in the industry for product innovation, it always leads a brand new consumer experience with art. The current decking tile industry is getting bigger and bigger. Basically, it covers all the tiles that you want to buy in many decoration styles on the market. It can be said that there is everything!

  Let’s take a look at this advantage again:

  1. Low water absorption, extremely strong anti-fouling ability, and high strength. From a professional point of view, the biggest thing about the quality of a decking tile is the water absorption rate. The water absorption rate of this product is close to 0, and the water absorption rate of the microcrystal is equal to zero. The internal quality is dense, the strength is high, and the anti-fouling ability is extremely high. Strong. The antifouling of cloud shadow stone and microcrystalline stone reaches the highest level 5, which is two levels higher than ordinary polished tiles.

  2. Low radiation, green, healthy and environmentally friendly products. The raw materials used in all Mona Lisa tiles have been strictly screened to ensure that the radioactivity of each product reaches the national standard GB6566-2001, the highest level A, and has been awarded the China Green Building Sanitary Ceramics Recommendation Certificate. Consumers can rest assured to choose. It can be said that it is the best brand in the ceramic tile industry now!

  Last look at this price:

  1. Mona Lisa tile Roman Tianyun stone 8FMB1003800*800 Reference price: ¥62.00 yuan/piece

2. Mona Lisa ceramic tile polished floor tiles Yunying Sidu 8YSDP0003CMH800*800mm reference price: ¥96.00 yuan/piece

   3. Mona Lisa ceramic tile indoor tile Vesuvius 6FH0052DPM600*600mm reference price: ¥33.00 yuan/piece

  4. Mona Lisa ceramic tile antique outdoor wood deck tiles carved brick CK18A600*600 Reference price: ¥145.00 yuan/piece

  5. Mona Lisa ceramic tile wall and floor tiles Roman jade spar FQP0501M800*800mm reference price: ¥180.00 yuan/piece

  6. Mona Lisa decking tile culture brick mural Wangchun ds007600*600 reference price: ¥73.32 yuan/piece

  7. Mona Lisa tile indoor floor tiles Roman Spring 8FB0202PCM800*800mm Reference price: ¥115.32 yuan/piece

   These are the best-selling Mona Lisa tiles now! If you have any doubts about the prices of other types of tiles of this brand, please go to its official website for related queries. Finally, thank you for watching! Your support is our biggest forward motivation! See you in the next issue! (Mona Lisa tile price)


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