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Millet ceramic tile of choose and buy skills have?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-14
Everyone in household decoration products of choose and buy when, in listening to the family and the use of which brand products, will be used as a reference, then a more level of understanding. How millet ceramic tile to them, that is a lot of people are confused. So, let small make up to tell you the answer today. By the way, could you see ceramic tile of choose and buy skills. Millet ceramic tile is good to know this brand is good, will have more comprehensive knowledge of the brand. 1. Millet the positioning of ceramic tile belongs to high-end brand products, belong to foshan Buddha hui building materials co. , LTD. , one of the brand. 2. Millet ceramic tile company, has a perfect production and sales management system, and it is a brand of products is very rich. 3. Millet ceramic tile company, the main production of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles, tile, polished tile, microcrystalline, such as high quality products, the main style of contemporary and contracted wind. Committed to personality, art, quality products, to meet the needs of every customer. of choose and buy skills 1. Measurements that everybody should be better understood, the higher the dimension accuracy of ceramic tile, the effect of the shop is stuck is definitely better. High quality ceramic tile is not only the construction of more easily, and it is can save certain construction time and the use of complementary makings, for the best visual effect is better. 2. See the time of appearance of the ceramic tile of choose and buy, should pay attention to check the surface of ceramic tile, the color of ceramic tile is uniform, better surface finish and flatness, peripheral rules, design also should be complete and clear. 3. Drop test can put the water in the back of the tile, see water out after the infiltration of the fast speed, in general, the slower suction, shows that the density of the decking tile, the greater the quality is better also, on the contrary, that density is not enough, the quality is also more insecure. 4. Listen to the voice gently tap on a ceramic tile, with good thing if the sound is ringing, it means that the higher the degree of vitrified tile, quality is better. You can also try to use the left thumb and forefinger and middle finger clip ceramic tile, present state easily down, and with the right hand index finger tap part ceramic tile, if clear, sweet voice quality is very good, such as sound depressing, ZhiZhuo is relatively inferior that shows ceramic tile products. 5. Observe the hardness of the ceramic tile quality is according to its degree of hardness, toughness, fragile degrees as a consideration. Use ceramic tile pieces scratch each other edges and corners, and then observe there is a scratch or powder, if the former is a sign of quality is the pass, which means that it is inferior product. Edit summary: the above is the small make up about millet ceramic tile is good and the introduction of ceramic tile of choose and buy skills, after reading this article, for millet ceramic tile should have a better understanding of how's the matter? Hope this article can help you to choose from to the right and the ceramic tile of cost-effective oh.
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