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Metope decorate wall brick what class?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-20
< / p > < p > the adornment of metope decorate for brick, can be divided into two categories. < / p > < p > this brick surface coated with a layer of coloured glaze, fired processed to make rich color change, particularly easy cleaning and maintenance, it is mainly used for kitchen, toilet metope decorate. < / p > < p > 1, glazed wall brick. < / p > < p > commonly known as outdoor ceramic tile, because on the earthenware with a layer of glaze, therefore calls glazed pottery. Glazed tile glaze surface, design is rich and colorful, have monochrome, printing, high art design, etc. Glazed tile has no pollution, the characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy to clean, so many used in kitchen, toilet. Glazed tile bibulous rate is higher, Regulations of the state, the bibulous rate is less than 21%) , after the ceramic body swell, hygroscopic and expansion of small surface glaze in a stress state, the long-term freezing and thawing, there will be a peeling off phenomenon, so can not be used in outdoor. < / p > < p > 2, color glazed ceramic wall tiles. < / p > < p > abbreviation CaiYouZhuan, surface have beautiful and gorgeous glaze color and pattern. Regulations of the state, bibulous rate is not greater than 10% of such products, because the essence of hygroscopic and expansion of ceramic body is small, combined with glaze can very well, so the intensity is high, can be used to the ground, also can be used for the walls. < / p > < p = '线——风格 高度:2 em; '> sleeve brick of pottery and porcelain shapes are rectangle, erect and paste when using, can increase the visual height after decorating. 60 mm * 240 mm, 100 mm * 200 mm, 115 mm x 240 mm and 150 mm * 200 mm, 150 mm * 225 mm, 200 mm x 300 mm wait for a variety of specifications, the thickness between 6 ~ 10 mm, can choose according to need. < / p > < p > the second is the brick wall brick. < / p > < p > hard, good impact resistance, anti-aging, do not fade, but more as a single color, is mainly used to decorate the balcony metope. < / p > < p >, also known as homogenous brick, brick, bo changes a brick. Brick of high sintering temperature, degree of vitrified. Bibulous rate is less than 0. Hygroscopic and expansion of 5%, a tiny, therefore the brick high flexural strength, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali, not change color, long service life. In - 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ freeze-thaw cycle 20 times no visible defects. < / p > < p > the brick wall brick is elongated, more should be horizontal paste when using, give a person the sense with sedate sureness, have 45 mm X95 mm, 45 mm x 195 mm, 50 mm * 100 mm, 50 mm * 150 mm, 50 mm X200 mm, a variety of specifications, such as 60 mm x 240 mm thickness for 6 ~ 8 mm commonly, can choose according to need. < / p > < p > < / p >
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