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Methods standard ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile shop sticks process

by:JIABANG     2020-12-07

one of the main building materials, ceramic tile is necessary in decorating the living room floor, kitchen, toilet, balcony and much space are often need to it. is an important process in masonry cheng. When ceramic tile construction craft is exquisite, good technology, not only can make the indoor space of your beautiful clever, more can save a lot of money for you, so what is the ceramic tile shop sticks process standards.

1, the basic level processing: will the dust, thoroughly clean debris, are not free drum, cracking and defects such as sand. Flatness is fundamentally decided the stand or fall of ceramic tile shop sticks. 2, elastic line: by finding vertical line before the shop sticks ceramic tile, as a uniform benchmark level shop sticks decking tile, vertical and beautiful; In addition, before the construction need to pop up around the wall elevation control line, on the ground popup reticle, to control the floor tile of space size. 3, before paving: first of all should be on the basis of drawing the design requirements, the granite floor tiles color, texture, smooth surface, such as strict selection, and then according to the drawing requirements before paving. For that may occur in the shop (size, color, texture, error adjustment, exchange, until reach the effect, the shop is stuck smoothly neatly stacked. Set aside. 4, the shop is stuck: laying choose 1:3 cement mortar, harsh about 20 mm mortar thickness. Before the shop is stuck to the floor tile on the back of the wet, dry positive is advisable. According to the requirements on the cement mortar, the floor tile with a rubber mallet tapping of floor tile facing until thick flat up to par. Master bricklayer's when daub mortar coating is very uniform, in order to prevent may result in empty drum ceramic tile, with porosity with tools such as grinding smooth water again after the mud outdoor wood deck tiles. 5, tick off seam: floor tile shop after 24 h to clean up pointing, pointing to floor tile gap should be taken before the impurity rub-up, with special caulking agent jointing. This is the toilet almost has been completed. 6, clear: in the process of decking tile construction decoration with dry with the qing dynasty, when completed, General appropriate after 24 h) Then use the content such as cotton yarn was carried out on the floor tile surface. shop sticks technique was introduced to here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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