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Method to reduce the inclination of tile paving

by:JIABANG     2021-05-30

 During the decoration process, there is a way for the choice of tiles. The same tile is also very particular. If you neglect it, it is easy to appear color difference, the flatness of the tile is inclined, or the tile directly hollows and falls off. Instead of starting to solve the problem when a problem occurs, it is better to strictly check the tiles when laying the tiles and kill the problem in the cradle.

  Paving the wall tiles to maintain the flatness of the attention points: 1. Before and during the paving process, check and screen the flatness of the tiles at any time (as required by national regulations, the constructor must do, However, many construction parties have not done it, and you can further remind this before paving). 2. Make elastic and pull lines on the wall before paving to ensure the levelness of the tile paving; 3. Use an infrared horizontal and vertical instrument or a horizontal and vertical ruler to check the flatness and verticality of the paving at any time; 4. Paving In the process of pasting, the cement mortar behind the tiles is evenly and full, and if there is a lack of grout, the grout is added in time to avoid the hollowing of the tile paving; 5. Keep a reasonable expansion gap when the tile is paving; 6. From the bottom During the upper paving process, the bottom tiles need to be fixed firmly to prevent falling. It is not advisable to pave the single-sided wall directly to the top. Instead, pave the entire space up layer by layer. Before using cement mortar to pave the tiles on the wall, the wall needs to be wetted by spraying water, mainly to prevent the dry wall from absorbing the moisture in the cement mortar too quickly, thereby reducing the bonding effectiveness of the cement mortar and causing the tile to hollow Falling off; if the tile adhesive is used for paving, the wall does not need to be sprinkled with water to moisten the muscles and can be reproduced by snow blasting treatment, but the wall surface needs to be leveled in advance.

   However, you don’t have to worry too much about the house you decorate because the flatness of the tiles is tilted and needs to be redecorated, because as long as the quality of the tiles you buy is guaranteed, most of the tiles are good and technically good. Responsible paving workers can use various tricks to reduce the impact of the inclination of tile paving to a lower level. In addition, a simple flatness test when buying tiles can also avoid risks to a certain extent.

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