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Melco ceramic tile how, ok?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-14
Melco marble tile is a subsidiary of guangdong hao sheng ceramics co. , LTD. A strong brand, located in the southland pottery - — Foshan ceramics industry headquarters founded town west side F 3 buildings, is a collection research and development, production, marketing, service as one of the large-scale modern enterprise. So, melco decking tile? Ok or not? Let below small make up tell everyone what melco ceramic tile. Melco ceramic tile like what melco is good melco decking tile ceramic tile - — Production base of melco marble tile production base is located in qingyuan city grain yunlong ceramic base area A 3 cloud area, A total area of 800000 square meters, the number 10 in today's world first-class architectural ceramic production line, equipped with 388 m long wide-body kiln and currently the industry's most advanced Italy ( SACMI) 7800 tons of press, the melco marble tile production and sales of high quality products. How about melco ceramic tile - — Enterprise culture melco ceramic tile adhering to the commitment to quality for consumers, and consumers to share a happy life, our promises, perseverance, service culture. How about melco decking tile - — Product varieties of main production and operation of art puzzles, k microcrystalline, concave and convex surface, super SPAR, light stone, polished tile, wall outdoor wood deck tiles and other major series of ceramic products. Art puzzles Picasso, Irish green, the main products are series, the wizard of oz, jiangshan picturesque, the sky was a fish-belly grey blue coast, a mirage, the eight ssangyong wall; K microcrystalline series products are mainly Sahara, yellow, sapphire, two models; Concave and convex surface series mainly include Persian ash, new Oman cream-colored, silver grey, blue hole sands, Italy wood grain, sofitel gold, Bai Jinsha, sago, 32 product; Soft light stone series products are mainly teak silk, gold, dragon trace, lauren BiSha ROM the four; Polishing outdoor wood deck tiles mainly van gogh series, 'stone series, nascar series, the series of the Aegean sea, the south island amorous feelings series products; Wall outdoor wood deck tiles mainly has the XBL, XBY, XAL series products. More than a simple introduction about what melco ceramic tile is here now, hope to help you. More information, all in this website, please look.
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