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Matters for choosing floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-15

   When we decorate the house, the first step is to choose floor tiles. Floor tiles are an important part of our decoration. If you don’t choose floor tiles, there will be more problems. The following editor will introduce how to choose floors. decking tile?

  1. Check the appearance quality of floor tiles    When choosing floor tiles, carefully observe whether there is a large color difference between the same type of floor tiles. Regardless of whether their length and width are the same, we can compare them with two floor tiles. At the same time, pay attention to surface defects, such as bumps, shapes, angles, etc.

  2. Detection of water absorption of floor tiles

 The quality of floor tiles with good water absorption is generally low. When choosing floor tiles, you also need to pay attention to water absorption. If the product does not exhibit water absorption, we You can test by dripping water on the back of the floor tiles, after a few times. If the granite floor tiles does not absorb water, it says its quality is good.

   3. Check the environmental protection and quality monitoring report of the floor tiles.


    Although floor tiles are natural stone as raw materials, they are usually radioactive. When we select and purchase products, we can request environmental protection and quality monitoring reports, and carefully review product information , It is best to choose a brand of floor tiles. 

  4. Other detection methods  

 We can also stand on the floor tiles to check the load-bearing capacity of the floor tiles. If the floor tiles show no signs of cracks over time, it indicates that the quality of the floor tiles is good. Of course, we can choose to use the key to scrape the tile surface. If there are no obvious scratches, the floor tiles are wear-resistant. 

  How to choose floor tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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